Popularity of Hanoi “train street”This is the subject of a serious crackdown.

The street is where trains travel along the track, just inches away from homes or businesses in Hanoi’s capital. This has been a popular tourist attraction for years, and a regular favourite on social media.

It is, however, dangerous. It is still operational and tourists who love to sit down, lie down, and pose for pictures on the tracks have caused security problems.

Although there was some opposition in the past, it is most notable for its ability to preserve the environment. In 2019The Hanoi regional government has taken a tough line and revoked all licenses for coffee shops along the street.

All have until September 17th to close.

According to some reports, the notice was given to shop owners in a matter of days.

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The closure was met with mixed reactions by residents who live on or near Train Street and depend on tourists for their living.

“It would be better if we, local people and the authorities can cooperate for developing our Train Street,”CNN Travel was told by one cafe owner who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal from his local government

They stated that the income from tourism had helped them to fix their home, increase quality of their lives, and support their older relatives.

“This closure shall affect directly on our earning,”The owner also added.

Viet Nam Railway Corporation (the operator of the railway line) has proposed that cafes could be set up, and video or photos taken along the track. “Train Street”Should be aYou could be fined.

Top image: Coffee is sipped in cafes along Train Street by patrons. Photo by Vinh Dav/Adobe stock

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