Hannibal Creator’s Script For Stephen King’s Christine Is Complete

Blumhouse Pictures CEO Jason Blum revealed that Bryan Fuller’s remake for the classic horror film Christine is now complete.

In a new interview with Jason Blum, founder and CEO of Blumhouse Pictures, he revealed that the scripts for Bryan Fuller’s remake of the classic horror flick Christine have been completed. Stephen King, literary legend, was the author of the novel. Christine tells the terrifying tale of a high school student and his murderous car. Like many of King’s works, Christine was adapted to the screen in 1983 with Halloween’s John Carpenter directing. Nearly 40 years after the book’s release, it was announced earlier this year that Fuller, writer of Hannibal, would be revving Christine back up alongside Sony Pictures and Blumhouse.

It’s been a great year for Blum. Blum’s recent collaboration with Amazon Prime Video, Welcome to the Blumhouse has been a success. The anthology series consists of four original horror-thriller movies focused on underrepresented groups of people, and also gave amateur filmmakers a first shot at directing. Amazon currently has the first four films, which were all released in October 2020. Welcome to the Blumhouse Part II arrived on the streaming service earlier this month, with Bingo Hell and Black As Night debuting on October 1st, and Madres and The Manor on October 8th.

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While speaking with Collider, Blum revealed that the script for Fuller’s Christine is finished. Blum described the script in these words: “terrific,” and added that while there’s no confirmed start date for filming on Christine, he’s optimistic that production could start as early as next year. Blum’s full statement can be read below:

“We actually recently got a script, which was terrific. We’re going to try and make it into a movie. That’s my plan.”

Fuller’s projects range from sci-fi, to serial killers. Pushing Daisies was Fuller’s first big break as a writer, but the comedy show was canceled after a short two seasons. The writer/director is perhaps best known for Hannibal, which shocked audiences with its gory tales of the infamous killer Hannibal Lecter throughout its three-season run on NBC. After the show was canceled in 2015, Fuller turned his sights towards space, briefly joining the Star Trek: Discovery team as its showrunner. But despite his success writing for TV, Fuller’s take on King’s high school horror classic, Carrie, received less-than-favorable reviews upon its release in 2002. Perhaps Fuller’s Christine will give him a second chance to prove himself capable of adapting stories from the Stephan King literary universe.

There’s no set release date for Fuller’s Christine revival yet, but there are many upcoming Blumhouse projects to check out in the meantime. Blum is producing the highly-anticipated slasher film Halloween Kills, which arrives in theaters and on Peacock starting October 15th. Pre-production for other projects like Wolfman and even a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is underway, with two or three other films also in talks at Blumhouse. So, while Christine might be years away from premiering, fans certainly have plenty of horror flicks to float them through this Halloween season.

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Source: Collider

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