H-EQUIP Phase II expands check-up access

York Sambath, secretary of state for the Health Ministry (front right), meets Aparnaa Somanathanm, World Bank, September 12. BTV

Cambodia will officially announce the implementation of the Health Equity and Quality Improvement Project (H-EQIP) Phase II in early October after senior Ministry of Health officials and representatives from the World Bank’s (WB) East Asia and Pacific region team met on September 12.

The meeting was between ministry secretary of state York Sambath and Aparnaa Somanathanm, the Practice Manager for WB’s Health, Nutrition and Population for East Asia and the Pacific. Managers of H-EQIP Phase II and Covid-19 Emergency Response Preparation (ERP), as well as Cambodia Nutrition Projects managers (CNP) were also present.

In a press release, the ministry stated that the discussion was focused on the nutrition portfolio and updates on projects.

“[Actually] we have been implementing H-EQIP’s second phase after putting an end to H-EQIP Phase I, but we will make an official announcement in October,”It said.

H-EQIP, it was stated, was intended to improve safety, quality, and efficiency in the provision of health services to people. The project has a large budget to be implemented, with funding from the Cambodian government budget package, foreign assistance donations, and a concession credit program.

During the discussion, Somanathanm and WB were praised for coordinating with their partners to implement H-EQIP Cambodia.

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She stated that H-EQIP Phase I has made great progress, and Cambodia will continue to work with them on this project.

Somanathan complimented the ministry’s leadership as well as the technical team and all project implementers for their successful cooperation with development partners and WB in carrying out the aforementioned projects.

The ministry previously announced that H-EQIP’s Phase II will last for five years from July 7 of this year. The project will involve medical check-up services and non-communicable disease treatments across the country, with a main focus on medical check-up services and inflammation treatment or treatment of cervical pre‐cancer. The new project will expand to include 60 referral hospitals as well as 500 health centres throughout the country.

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