Gordon Ramsay Will Open a Bottomless Pizza Restaurant in DC

DC is being served bottomless pizza from Gordon Ramsay. Photo courtesy Gordon Ramsay North America

The British are coming! And they’re bringing…bottomless pizza? Yes, that’s new plan for  Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will open the first ever US Street Pizza branch in Penn Quarter this winter. The all-you-can-eat slice joint currently claims four London locations, and will open next at 501 Seventh Street, Northwest—taking over what was originally slated to be a Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips. A splashy Wharf location of Ramsay’s reality cooking show-inspired restaurant Hell’s Kitchen is also scheduled to open later this year. 

Ramsay says via email that he conceived of Street Pizza in 2018 while wanting a concept that’s “delicious, fun and full of energy”—all centered around endless thin-crust slices, cocktails, beers, and wallet-friendly wines. The toppings can be anything from pepperoni and wild mushrooms to modern British combinations like corn-and-chorizo or garlic pesto. Ramsay claims that his North America team is currently working on items only for Washington. “there may or may not be pineapple involved!” 

DC prices are still being worked out. London’s bottomless slices cost around $20 per person. Patrons will have the option to add a la-carte dishes such as Caesar salads or tiramisu. There will also be an assortment of beverages at the bar. The former Bakers and Baristas café is being redesigned to look more like a European pizza shop, complete with an open kitchen and large communal dining table. 

Just because the concept is bottomless doesn’t mean it’s an eating competition.

“We never count the slices in London,”Ramsay. “Most of the time guests are having a great time with friends and family and honestly forget how many they’ve consumed.”How European! According to the celebrity chef, he can usually eat two-to three slices. “but sometimes after a really long run or bike I can do 4.”

Which raises the question: Has Ramsay sampled DC’s OG street pizza, the Jumbo Slice? 

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“I have not, but when we open Street Pizza, trust me I’ll have to do some research and development!”

Street Pizza. NW, 501 Seventh St. 

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