GM Steve Keim says there’s ‘zero chance’ Arizona Cardinals will trade Kyler Murray

Steve Keim, Arizona Cardinals general manager, made it clear Thursday that any speculations about Kyler Murray being traded by the team are unfounded.

Keim stated, “There is.” “zero chance”He will trade Murray if asked Thursday.

Since Murray’s agent Erik Burkhardt released a statement last month explaining how a detailed contract proposal had been sent to the team, it has been a hot topic. Murray, the No. Murray, the No.

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Keim noted that other third-year quarterbacks, such as Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes, have signed extensions.

“The way we have approached it is we have free agency, we have the draft, and then we will take a deep breath and sort of refocus,”Keim shared his thoughts with reporters. “That’s sort of the reason every other player that has been a third-year quarterback has been (extended) in the middle of the summer or late summer. It’s no different for us.

“Nothing has changed regarding him being our short-term and long-term quarterback.”

Murray, himself, expressed Thursday that he sees his future in Arizona in response to comments by former Cardinals Patrick Peterson and Chase Edmonds on the “All Things Covered” podcast that they believed Murray would seek an exit from the franchise because of the team’s culture.

“I want to win Super Bowls with Cardinals, AZ my home.” Murray tweetsAs a response to your comments.

I wanna win Super Bowls with the Cardinals, AZ is home.

— Kyler Murray (@K1) April 21, 2022

Keim said he has been in contact with Murray over the past week about the team’s draft plans.

“Yeah. He’s fun ’cause he’s so passionate about the game, he’s a football junkie, and that’s the kind of guys you like to have on your team,” he said.

He added: “I won’t tell you what his wish list is, but … he’s got one.”

Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury also said he has been in contact with Murray.

“I think we both understand to keep it on a professional level. We just talk football. We talk how we can get better, schematically. X’s and O’s. He always wants to know about personnel. Who we’re bringing in, who we’re trying to sign, who we’re trying to draft. But it’s all about football,” he said.

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