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Training is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s up to us whether we decide to do it. Let’s face it, COVID-19 was and still is a struggle for many of us, for finding the motivation to better ourselves physically is simply not a top priority these days, given the mountains of mental stress.

So, we want to look at some of the funniest workout memes on Twitter that best capture all of the hypocrisies of getting swole, from the bad habits we exhibit at the gym to the awkward phrases we always wind up saying when we’re there. We’re going to check out the top workout memes on twitter. 

This is no different than what happens at the gym #Memes

— Swazi (@MemesSoCold) March 11, 2021

A healthy start for the day

Pushups in a morning are never as easy as we imagine. 

When you’re at the gym and your crush walks in 🤣🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️#gym #memes #funny #dankmemes #gymmotivation #hidethepain #livingmeme #crush #love #cycling #healthy #fit #fitness

— strikestory (@strikestory) December 28, 2018

Extra effort

People seem to be more willing to do harder when their crush steps onto the gym floor. These workout memes get it. 

The memes for gym and PhD are often interchangeable. Fight me.

— Walter Veit (@wrwveit) August 11, 2020

The greatest victory

Sometimes, just getting out of bed in a morning is enough to win. 

Weight loss goal. 😁 Credit: Gym Memes

— mab_geeks_out (@mab_geeks_out) August 24, 2018

They’re not wrong

Bending over hurts for all of us who don’t do yoga. You’re right, workout memes! 

Felt cute, might complain about joint and muscle pain later, idk…
–#gym #memes #fitness #muscle

— Nick (@hoovnick7) April 23, 2019

Weird Flexibility

But it’s okay. 

I hate that I relate to gym memes now…

— Maki (they/them) (@_KimHernandez) September 23, 2019

Spongebob memes are always winning

But where’s Larry the lobster? He’s supposed to be our spotter! 

Lmao the gym memes I get recommended on IG are normally stupid but this one made me laugh so I’m shamelessly ripping it without credit

— 💤 ecce! ego sum 💤 (@zachontopsoon) December 25, 2020


All of us felt a bit puffy during the pandemic. These memes about workouts understand our pain. 

The majority of people: “lol gym memes”

Wrestling fans “@TheJackSexsmith did it first”

— His Highness of Flyness (@SultanofSwagga) October 10, 2018


We are now close to basic [email protected]# season after all! 

Arpad, I think, doesn’t fully “get”Internet meme culture and a love for sharing dorky image macros totally unironically.

he loves gym memes

— Zest 🐱🐐🏳️‍🌈All Cats Are Beautiful (@donleykogn) September 27, 2018

Two for the price

These memes about bargain bin gym workouts are great for anyone. 

I love normie gym memes because they’re all so wholesome. There’s no conflict in this meme. There’s hardly even a joke. All you need is good vibes.

— BUGCHASER (@big_gay92) February 15, 2021

Gym superlatives 

We all do it. . . can’t hide from the truth behind these gym memes.

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