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Galactic Donuts team member Kirsty Carpenter and Kirsty Carvey can’t express their gratitude enough to the community for their support.

Matthew Pearce

Kirsty Carpenter and her team have made the transition from pizzas into donuts with great success.

Kirsty ran Pizza Guardians at North Rockhampton 143 Musgrave St., before the store closed on 7 August and reopened as Galactic Donuts 16 August.

“Selling pizzas is a very competitive market, especially here in Rocky, it’s not that it wasn’t great, but you were either ‘up’ or ‘down’, it was never a foregone conclusion that you’d always be in the black,”She spoke.

“I was talking to my business partner Tom Potter, who’d just opened a Galactic Donuts in Townsville which had been very successful… I did a bit of research around town and there wasn’t really anyone making the handmade artisan donuts that we do.

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“It was really a no-brainer.”

Kirsty’s business partnership with Tom Potter stretches back to their days with Eagle Boys, the pizza chain that he founded in 1987.

While it was a challenge closing Pizza Guardians and reopening with an entirely different product less than 10 days later, everything went off without a hitch thanks to some hard-working tradies, who Kirsty says she can’t thank enough.

Galactic Donuts was founded in 1994. “absolutely smashed”With lines out the front door.

“I knew we’d have support from the community, I just didn’t realise how big that support would be, it’s been phenomenal, I don’t have any other word for it really,”Kirsty said.

“The guys who supported me with Pizza Guardians have come out in force to support me through this and it’s opened up a whole new world of customers to us as well.

“Is it long hours? Yes. Am I tired? Extremely, but it’s been worth it.”

The business has grown its workforce from 8 to 20 people and is now open seven days a semaine from 7am to 7pm.

Galactic Donuts offers 50 different flavors, but some of their most popular flavours are already in production.

“We did a radio campaign with 4RO which focused on the Boston (a custard-filled, chocolate-covered donut) and the Bee Sting and they both became hugely popular but the one that’s come out of left field was the Cookies and Cream, we would go through a couple of hundred of those a day now.”

Kirsty stated that Galactic Donuts is different from other donut shops because they are fresh, using only the best ingredients and supporting local suppliers whenever possible.

“People always ask how long we keep our donuts – it would only be about 12 hours. We’re finished frying by 10am and whatever we don’t sell we get rid of, we don’t keep anything over the day.”

Galactic Donuts also offers coffee from Coffee of Capricorn, a local supplier based in Yeppoon

Pizzas are a popular snack, with around 2000 donuts per day.

“I just love having a product that I can gift to people and it can turn their day from a negative into a positive within a nanosecond,”She spoke.

“Most days when I leave here I take a six-pack of donuts with me to give to a local business or charity, just to basically spread the love.”

Kirsty plans to continue supporting community and sporting groups and hopes to get the fundraising side of the business up and running soon – something she knows people are “chomping at the bit” for.

“Catering and wholesale is another big area for me as well. I’m reaching out to businesses for catering options and also any other small cafes or food trucks that might want to sell our product onto their customers as well.”

She stated that Galactic Donuts’ success was due to its loyal customers and dedicated staff.

“My staff have done a fabulous job considering how busy we were that first week, they’ve all just taken to it like ducks to water and no-one complained, they all had smiles on their faces.

“And I can’t say thank you enough to the people of Rocky for their support.”

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