#FreeAmanda Bynes Movement Picks Up Steam

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#FreeAmanda Bynes Movement Picks Up Steam

Thanks to the #FreeBritney movement, big progress has been made in Britney Spears’ conservatorship case. The Britney Spears conservatorship is now closed. The organizers of the #FreeBritney movement are now focusing on Amanda Bynes. They want to assist Bynes in her fight to end her conservatorship and educate the public about conservatorship abuse. (via TMZ

Lizzo Says Her Ass Can Do Magic

Lizzo spoke out about self-love and twerking in a recent TED Talk. Below is her TED Talk.

Lil Nas X First Artist To Release TikTok NFT

TikTok has just announced that they will auction off a series videos as non-fungible tokens. Lil Nas X will be first artist to release a unique digital asset that cannot be duplicated. (via NY Post).

Morgan Wallen is officially banned from the CMAs

Morgan Wallen will be barred from attending this year’s Country Music Awards. The ban comes after Morgan Wallen was caught on camera using a racist slur. “This is the first time in CMA history, to my knowledge, anyone has ever been disqualified for conduct. Honoring him as an individual this year is not right, and he won’t be allowed on the red carpet, on our stage, or be celebrated in any way,”Sarah Trahern is the CEO of Country Music Association. (via LA Times

New TikTok Challenge: Students Encouraged to Slap Teachers

TikTok’s October challenge encourages students to approach teachers in the hallway and slap them. It was supposed to run for the whole month of October and then move on to the next challenge. The November task is to kiss your friend’s girlfriend. (via Distractify

Kelly Clarkson Covers Billie Eilish

Kelly Clarkson recreated Billie Eilish from her own perspective “Happier Than Ever”You can watch her show. You can see it below.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Resources to Screen and Treat

Below are some resources to help you screen for breast cancer and other information in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Disney Stars who have dated each other

Below, you’ll find the most iconic Disney couples.

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