Fox Nation host Lara Logan accuses media watchdog group of ‘feeding off the blood of decent people’ while distancing herself from a QAnon influencer’s claim that she’s moderating his conference

‘QAnon John’ takes a selfie with another Trump supporter at the president’s rally in Middletown, PA. Jacob Montes/Business Insider

“Fox Nation” host Lara Logan denied a QAnon influencer’s claim that she would speak at his conference.

Logan attacked Media Matters, a progressive watchdog group for media.

Logan went on to claim that Media Matters and others “feed off the blood of decent people.”

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Conservative commentator and “Fox Nation” host Lara Logan attacked a progressive media watchdog group for sharing a clip of a QAnon influencer claiming that Logan and her husband had agreed to speak at his QAnon conference in Las Vegas next month.

John Sabal, a Trump loyalist and prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist who goes by “QAnon John,” announced on a video chat that Logan agreed to be a moderator at his upcoming multi-day QAnon event, called the “For God & Country Patriot Double Down.” Sabal said Logan’s husband, former defense contractor Joseph Burkett, would likely appear on the event’s “Afghanistan panel.”

“This is a big deal, guys, this is gonna bring a lot of credibility to what we’re doing,” Sabal said. “She has agreed to moderate our panels, which is fantastic … It’s going to bring a lot of mainstream attention to the event.”

Logan took issue with the claims of Sabal and attacked Media Matters for America in a series a tweets.

“This is funny – there’s nothing these people won’t do to silence the truth & defame/discredit journalists!” Logan tweeted. “These tired old narratives are truly pathetic. I guess my reporting is really hurting if you are scraping the bottom of the Q-Anon conspiracy barrel…try harder boys!”

Logan went on to claim that Media Matters and other progressives “feed off the blood of decent people.”

“These are the worst people in America, funded by millions – they feed off the blood of decent people to destroy/silence/torture if you’re in the way of their agenda, incld their own side,” she tweeted.

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Logan claimed that Media Matters had shared the clip of Sabal in an effort to “defame/discredit me by falsely tying me to Q-Anon which is 100 percent unfounded/untrue.”

She added, “This is designed to ruin my life/career etc – make me untouchable – sound familiar? We have seen this so many times. No more!”

Central to the QAnon conspiracy theory is the baseless claim that satanic Democrats and Hollywood pedophiles torture and suck the blood of children.

Insider called Sabal on Monday and he hung up without answering any questions.

Fox News spokeswoman, however, declined to comment but pointed Insider out their previously reported denial that Logan was involved in the conference.

The event is set to take place in Las Vegas on October 22-25 at Ahern Hotel. Don Ahern is a prominent Republican donor who also owns the Ahern Hotel. Tickets range in price from $650 for general admission to $3,000 for a “High Roller VIP All-Weekend Pass,” which includes a meet-and-greet with speakers and access to a VIP section of the “Las Vegas Dinner Show” and a rooftop party.

Ex-National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, was originally scheduled to speak, but his name has been removed from the event website’s participant list. The events will feature a slew of right-wing activists, including Flynn’s brother, Joseph Flynn, and both Ron and Jim Watkins, the father-son duo who own and run the imageboard 8kun, which hosts the anonymous user “Q.”

The conference was originally to take place at a Caesars Entertainment venue in Las Vegas, but the company pulled out of the events earlier this month.

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