Former BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin refuses to share her stalker’s messages with her husband

Louise Minchin, a former BBC Breakfast presenter, has spoken out about her stalking experience and said that she will never share it with anyone else. “traumatising”Not even with her husband, she received messages. In July 2020, stalking took place on the star who returned to the Breakfast couch to wave Dan Walker goodbye. Louise has now spoken out about how the incident affected her.

Louise told YOU Magazine : “I don’t speak about it lightly; it was a horrific time that has had a massive impact on our family.”Louise, 53 years old, and her daughter Mia, were both left with distressing messages via social media.

Carl Davies, a stalker wrote one message: “Move or you’re f***ed,”He said: “Your daughter will definitely be raped,”Then, their home address, their village and the cars that were in the driveway at the time. Louise said that despite threats, she had faith in her ability to keep her family safe. “wasn’t going to let anyone harm [her] family.”Davies commented on Louise’s photos and said: “You can see your garden from there,”This showed that he was aware about where they lived.

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Louise Minchin returned from the Breakfast sofa to bid Dan Walker a fond farewell.

Louise, two years after the incident, has been sharing her stories to help raise awareness about stalking. She said: ‘”This can happen to anyone, it can strike any life. I am just one person in an enormous group – [according to the ONS crime survey] around 1.5 million people in the UK are affected by stalking annually – and the ‘good’ outcome of my case, with my stalker now serving a prison sentence, only happens in a very small percentage of cases.”

Despite being the subject of investigation, Louise has decided to never share explicitly what was said by her stalker. The messages, which she called, “traumatising” haven’t even been shared with her husband, David. She said that during the incident, David went into “super-protective mode” in a bid to protect his wife and daughter. Louise has described how she felt like a “prisoner in [her own] home” during the period.

Louise left BBC Breakfast in September 2021 but in the immediate aftermath of her stalking, had considered leaving a year earlier. She said: “I felt so guilty that my job had brought this into my family’Your life. I wondered why I would choose to work in a position that involves looking after my children and how could I possibly do this to my family. I have always loved being a mother and the only thing I cared about was my children’s safety. So I was out. This was the worst thing I could do.

Broadcaster and former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin

Louise Minchin is a former BBC Breakfast presenter and broadcaster.

Last December, Davies appeared before Mold Crown Court and pleaded guilty. “causing alarm and distress”Louise and Mia. Louise has talked about the impact the incident had on her life, even though it was 17 months ago.

“Mia and I went on to have counselling and I found that very useful after this thing had come out of the blue and shaken up my life. It’s helped me understand what I can and can’t control – and not dwell on the latter– and to be a bit more emotionally measured about what happened.”She said.

Louise has continued to raise awareness for stalking ever since and presented an ITV documentary entitled The Truth About Stalking earlier this year. Here she learned more about the story of the incident.

The star, who just released her autobiography Dare To Tri, ended up staying on BBC Breakfast another year after the incident. She was defeated not by her ordeal, rather by “early mornings”. You can read more about what happened to Louise’s co-presenter Dan Walker at BBC Breakfast on Tuesday May 17.

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