Finding Treatment: Should I Travel For Rehab?

Rehab: Where to Go

Once you’ve made the decision to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction, the next step is deciding which rehabYou can register.  There are many treatment centers in the country. Each one is unique in its environment, therapies, and types of addiction it treats. Patients can choose to receive treatment in their own state or travel to another state. Each decision has its pros and cons, but both offer hands on patient care and freedom from drugs.

Many people turn to their insurance providers for information about which facilities are covered by their benefits. Many insurance plans offer many different treatment options. While some in-network rehabs may be close to you, others may be further away or out of your state. The cost of treatment can vary depending on whether you choose to seek treatment locally or at a distant location. This can be a useful focal point for decision making.

No matter how someone plans to pay for treatment—through insurance, cash or state assistance—it’s important to find a facility that treats the specific addiction and offers desired treatment programs and therapies, regardless of where it is located.

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Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

Sometimes, traveling to a different state or city is the best way to go. rehabYou should be aware that not all cities have the same high-quality treatment options. People who are willing and able to travel to seek treatment have access to thousands of centers all over the United States, allowing them to choose the right program for them.

To be effective, treatment must address the individual’s drug abuse and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems.

– The National Institute on Drug Abuse

Traveling for rehabAlso, you can be open to the idea of a journey towards recovery that will give you a fresh start. Many people find that putting distance between their triggers and themselves helps to reduce their desire to use again. The ability to have a physical separation can strengthen their commitment to sobriety as well as their treatment plan. Another benefit is the opportunity to visit different facilities offering unique treatments.  For example, patients may find it beneficial to travel to West Coast facilities to learn more holistic practices.

Most cases, admission to a drug treatment center is voluntary. This means that the person can leave at any time they wish. Being far away from home deflects some of the temptation to walk away from treatment, increasing the person’s chance of completing the program.

People are also concerned about the social and professional consequences of addiction treatment. Many people worry about what will happen if someone finds out that they went to addiction treatment. rehab, they’ll be looked at differently, judged or even face professional consequences. Informing their manager about their departure is a good idea. rehabThey are afraid of gossip in the office and what others might think. Privacy can be very important. For example, traveling to another state or city. rehabIt will decrease the likelihood that you are recognized during treatment.

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Some disadvantages to traveling for rehabilitation

Similar to the benefits of traveling rehabThere are cons. Traveling can be difficult for some because you may be far from family and friends. Here are some other disadvantages of traveling. rehab:

  • It can be difficult to have loved ones visit the hospital or take an active role in the initial treatment process.
  • It will be more difficult for the rehab’s representatives to set up an aftercare plan in your hometown, as they are in another city.
  • There may not be a local support group for recovery as most people you meet will not be from your home state or city.
  • This decision can have huge financial consequences.
  • Going to a local rehab

    Local treatment can have many benefits rehab. One of the most important is to save money. Saving money is a big one. rehabTo be able to travel to another state or city, you will need to add the cost of gas, airfare, and possibly hotel rooms to your treatment budget. Sometimes, this can make it difficult to travel to a local hospital. rehabIt is a better financial option.

    Another benefit to visiting a local church is the ability to stay close to loved ones. rehab. It is important to have the support of your family and friends during treatment as well as afterwards. Going to rehabFamily and friends can be involved in the treatment by staying close to home. Second, many centers offer family therapy programs. This greatly benefits the patient, and allows them to feel connected with their loved ones.

    Another plus is the availability of local drugs rehab’s administration will be familiar with the area and its resources, making it easier for them to create an aftercare plan for you.

    There are some disadvantages to living locally for treatment

  • It is possible to be tempted by the temptation to leave and return to your home or family before you have completed the program.
  • Friends and family can be distracting in your journey to sobriety because they are only a few miles away.
  • You may settle for lower quality care, without considering all your options.
  • You have the power to make that decision. There are many options to help you do this. Find out how you can benefit from the expertise of trained treatment providers.

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    Deciding where to go rehab is about more than just location. Your choice should be based on how effective the program will be for you.

    You should not cut corners in addiction treatment. Addiction treatment is an investment in your health and happiness. It is the first step towards a sober, new life.

    To discuss your treatment options, contact a treatment provider.

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