Fantastic Beasts stars Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Williams attend special fan event in Japan

Redmayne and Williams were the first Hollywood stars to visit Japan since the outbreak corona.

Fantastic Beasts in The Secrets of DumbledoreThe third movie in the Harry Potter spinoff series, titled, was released in Japan earlier in the month. The Fantastic Beasts series is one of the most popular films series in Japan, and in celebration of the movie’s release, two of its stars came to Japan for a special fan event.

Eddie RedmayneHe plays Newt Scamander, the Magizoologist wizard, and Jessica Williams, who plays Ilvermorny Professor Eulalie HicksThey were accompanied by, who made them feel at home. The first Hollywood stars to visit Japan since the onset of corona nearly three years ago. 

Fans who missed the event can view it here.

Our resident otaku Ninoude Punico was also present and enjoyed the experience as a reporter.Fantastic Beasts superfan.

It’s been just over three years since Eddie Redmayne last visited Japan, to promote the second film in the series Fantastic Beasts in The Crimes of GrindelwaldBoth he and Jessica seemed to be delighted to be back home in Japan.

Eddie addressed the crowd first, saying: “Finally getting to be here, sharing these secrets [of the film] with you, it blows my mind. Thank you for having us.”

And Jessica, who was wearing a skirt that resembled a pygmy puff, one of the movie’s iconic beasts, opened with, “Hi! I’m very hot right now!”This relaxed the mood and made it feel like a group if friends were hanging out.

They also looked around at the crowd and saw some fans dressed up as characters from the movie. The interpreters translated their answers into Japanese.

“I can see Grindlewald, I can see Bunty, I can see baby Niflers… I can see a Newt in there too. That makes me very happy!” Eddie exclaimed.

Next came a Q&A session. Eddie was asked a familiar question: “What Japanese food do you like?”

Eddie quickly replied and commented. “As far as food is concerned, I don’t know where to start in Japan. I’m obsessed with sashimi, I’m obsessed with ramen… I prefer thin noodles. I like a good firm texture.”He said, “But I also love anything that’s deep fried. I’ve basically been doing nothing but eat since I arrived in Japan. Tempura-ed anything makes me happy.”

But while Eddie’s answer showed he knew a fair bit about Japanese food, Jessica also seemed to be a fan of Japanese food and was eager to answer too.

“Nobody asked me, but I would also like to answer that question. I love a citron spicy ramen… yuzu ramen — I like the noodles really soft. I love the rice here. I love a Lawson’s egg sandwich. Family Mart and Seven & i Holdings — shout out to Seven & i Holdings — I love the snacks and I love the fruit snacks, the little hard candies, and I also love the sushi, and izakaya food, and gyoza…”

“She could go on… she talked for about an hour about rice earlier,”Punico felt her love for Eddie grow stronger, Eddie added wryly. It was great to be surrounded by two big stars in such a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Jessica is not only an expert on Japanese convenience stores but also a Harry Potter fan. She told the audience that her favourite Harry Potter characters are Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and Hermione. Punico was thrilled when Jessica told them she’d once dressed up as Professor McGonagall when she was in the fourth grade.

Mamoru Mizano, who plays Newt in the Japanese dub, was also present at this fan event. As he took to stage, he warmly embraced the pair.

The Newts also performed the “Manitcore Dance”To the delight of the crowd, he did.

Miyano presented Eddie & Jessica with their very own happi Festival coats. This is the standard when Japanese celebrities visit Japan for events.

“I now have a collection of happi coats,” Eddie joked.

▼ Miyano (far right) presented the pair with their very own happi.

▼ The happi were emblazoned with ファンタビ (Fantabi or Fantastic Beasts) on the left, and the actor’s name on the right.

After the interview was completed, the stars took selfies together with the crowd.

Punico was already a fan before attending the Fantastic Beasts event. However, seeing the stars and their warm, cheery personalities made her even more passionate about the show. She was very grateful that Jessica and Eddie made it to Japan in spite of their busy promotional schedules. They clearly enjoyed interacting with their fans and the event was a joy from beginning to end.

Fantastic Beasts in The Secrets of DumbledoreOn April 8, Japan’s theatres released the film.

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