Famous chefs pick their three favorite Nashville restaurants

  • Chef Arnold Myint, International Market 2, puts a Pho place at the top of his wish list
  • Longtime Nashville restaurateur Randy Randy (Midtown Cafe) names “the queen of umami”

We asked five of Nashville’s best-known food industry figures to name their three favorite restaurants in town − well, their favorite spots that they don’t own. We all want to know where our favorite chefs eat on nights off.

Yes, our panelists chose many fine-dining places around the city. But Food Network star Maneet Chauhan’s No. Nashville’s number one choice is… biscuits

For some truly amazing global food secrets, be sure to check out picks made by Arnold Myint and Louisa Shafia, chef/author. Also interesting − one of Nashville’s most veteran chefs gets name-checked by TwoOur panelists. Which OG received double love?

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Maneet Chauhan

Celebrity chef, Nashville restaurateur (Chauhan Ale & Masala House, Tansuo The Mockingbird)

1. Biscuit Love

Three locations: The Gulch, Hillsboro Village and Franklin

[Owners/chefs]Karl Worley and Sarah have made me fall for everything biscuits. Every dish on this menu is delicious, buttery, and absolutely delicious. 

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Bonuts deserve a special mention. Fries with blueberry jam and mascarpone Lemon cream? Best food in town.

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