Every Benicio Del Toro Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

A car for Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes marketed largely as a conflict between the 2 stars, Del Toro, John Leguizamo and others have been collateral injury on this intense baseball movie. 

Directed by Tony Scott (“True Romance,” “The Last Boy Scout”) in his ’90s sweat-and-closeups signature fashion, De Niro performs a troubled knife salesman who varieties a harmful obsession over the most recent participant on his favourite baseball workforce, the San Francisco Giants. Snipes and Del Toro are each gamers on the workforce.

Del Toro performs deliciously-named Giants hotshot Juan Primo, who clashes with Snipes’ Bobby Rayburn over, of all issues, who will get to put on uniform quantity 11. De Niro’s Gil Gerard, believing himself to be a form of guardian angel for Rayburn (and evoking similarities to his beloved “The King of Comedy” stalker), confronts Primo in a sauna for a grisly scene that leaves the ball participant on the everlasting IL. 

Other than being one among Del Toro’s lowest-rated motion pictures, “The Fan” can also be amongst Scott‘s lowest, with Rotten Tomatoes critics pointing to an over-the-top ending as one of many movie’s missteps.

“A roughly-assembled, mean movie,” stated one evaluation. “Flashes of solid genre filmmaking keep it from being a wash, but it’s really not much fun at all.” 

Along with being a vital flop, “The Fan” was a monetary disappointment as properly. The film introduced in simply $18 million on the field workplace, a mere fraction of its $55 million funds.

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