Ethos Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary open in Harmar

A medical marijuana dispensary has moved to Harmar’s bustling food court on Freeport Road.

Ethos CannabisAccording to a report, a Philadelphia-based company,, opened a third location in the former Kings Restaurant building at 5 Alpha Drive East in April. News release. Ethos also has a location in Pleasant Hills and North Fayette. This is the sixth Ethos state location.

The firm also has offices in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Ohio.

“We are extremely excited to be in the Harmarville community and very excited about the reception we have received to the patients and guests there,” Ethos COO Ryan Riggs said.

Matt Pitsch, Township Engineer said that he approved a township zoning permit in September 2017 for the firm.

Pitsch stated that because the dispensary was moving in a building that is permitted for its use, the application doesn’t go back to the board for a vote.

Bob Exler, Harmar Supervisor said he might not be in favor of medical marijuana but that it was a simple matter to bring another business into the community.

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“Our job is to lower taxes or keep them the same,”He said. “It is a good tax base.”

Riggs said the firm was looking for a geographical opportunity similar to the company’s two existing locations in the surrounding Pittsburgh area.

He stated that Ethos liked Harmar’s business opportunities and was familiarized with the operators in the region.

Harmar has customers who travel to other places, so they will now have a more convenient option, he stated.

It is expected that a drive-thru will be added to the location. This will be the first time Ethos has established this service.

“We thought it was a good site to resonate with the other sites,” Riggs said. “It makes a good geographic market for us.”

Tanisha Thomas works as a Tribune-Review staff reporter. Tanisha can be reached at 412-480-7306 or [email protected] .

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