Elden Ring Player Beats Malenia With A Dance Pad After 6 Hours

An Elden Ring streamer managed to defeat Malenia, a notoriously difficult boss using a dancepad controller.

Elden Ring's Malenia surrounded by dance mats.

An Elden Ring A player has managed to defeat one of the game’s most difficult bosses using a dancepad as a controller. FromSoftware is known for creating challenging games. Elden Ring features a variety of powerful and terrifying bosses. The game’s many enemies are hard enough to beat even with a controller.

The Elden Ring character Malenia, also known as Malenia, or the Blade of Miquella is widely recognized as one of FromSoftware’s most difficult bosses. She has a punishing move set that even the most experienced players can’t avoid. Her Waterfowl Dance move is well-known, as is her ability heal herself and inflict Scarlet Rot to the player. Malenia is a well-known boss and is often the focus of streamers as well as talented Elden Ring players.


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The streamer MissMikkaaTwitter user @stylin_loe shared this video of a remarkable Malenia win at Elden Ring. The streamer uses a dancepad controller to control their attacks and movements as they battle Malenia. Their caption stated that they had won the battle against Malenia using the controller, despite having spent six hours trying. It was achieved in just one session.

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This Elden Ring Victory is more impressive than the Final Boss

It is clear that Malenia is a difficult Elden Ring boss. Any victory against her is something to celebrate. It is a new skill that requires a completely different level of coordination, however, when using a dance pad controller. Players must move their characters quickly to beat Malenia in Elden Ring. This requires precision that is difficult to achieve using a dance pad. The game is also a real-life endurance game because the majority of the player’s body is used by a dance pad.

The task of playing through the Elden Ring boss fight with a dancepad can be exhausting. It requires a different set skills than a handheld controller and can take up to several hours. The streamer’s relief after Malenia defeat is evident and speaks to the difficulty of their feat. It is rumored that future Elden Ring DLC bosses may be even more difficult, so maybe viewers will see more of MissMikkaa’s amazing feats. Elden RingThe future holds great potential.

Source: MissMikkaa/Twitter

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