Eileen Gu’s Historic 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Run in Photos

2/8: Eileen Gu (right), Mathilde Cremaud (left), Big Air Bronze medalist, joins Team Switzerland’s Mathilde Gu (left) to console Tess Ledeux, silver medalist, at the Big Air final on Day 4, Beijing Olympics.

Elsa/Getty Images

Elsa Garrison is the photographer.

France’s Tess Ledeux had a strong lead and it seemed certain that she would win the gold medal in this event. Eileen Gu was not far behind in the second run. She had to run flawlessly to win the gold.

Tess Ledeux was disappointed that her final run was not as strong than her first two. It is wonderful that her fellow medalists are supporting her. Gu won the gold medal, but she didn’t hesitate to support Ledeux at this moment. It’s not something you see very often in sport. This moment was memorable and special.

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