Eat and Run: In the corner of an e-bike shop, a cafe that’s worth the ride

The slogan “hot bikes and fast coffee” gave me a good first impression of 93 Main, the electric bike café that opened about five months ago in South Portland, and it only kept getting better.

I had a fairly life-changing iced coffee and an entirely delicious breakfast sandwich, but I’ll tell you all about them in a moment.

Let’s start with some notes about electric bikes. When I first saw them, a few years back, I thought they were ridiculous. Now, I think they’re super cool. On recent trips I’ve taken to Manhattan, it seemed like half the city was whizzing around on them. It’s all clear now. They’re a fun way to get to where you need to go and parking is much easier than a gas-guzzling car.

The spacious showroom at 93 Main was filled with e-bikes for rent or purchase. Although I still prefer to use my own feet for local transportation, I love the idea that the owners have a cafe at the corner. Because, why not?

Iced coffee from 93 Main, South Portland. Photo by Aimsel Poni

I had heard that iced coffee ($3) was a strong drink, and I quickly found out why. They fill the cup with coffee ice cubes first! This is why I have never enjoyed the simple brilliance of coffee ice cubes for my entire life. The brew was rich and satisfying. To borrow a famous slogan from coffee, it was delicious to the last drop. I was initially discouraged that the only creamer options were a rich half-and-half and oat milk, which I normally wouldn’t have tried, but ended up liking.

Now, let’s talk about that sandwich. I had run out all the bagels in the cafe, so I decided to try something new. I chose an Asiago one instead. Just like Indiana Jones at Indiana Jones’s end of “The Last Crusade,”I made the right choice and loved the thing.

Sandwich with egg, cheese and bacon on top of an ebike from 93 Main. Photo by Aimsel Poni

The rest of the sandwich ($6) consisted of egg, bacon, and a mixture of cheddar and American cheese. While the sandwich was being prepared, my eyes wandered around the $4,200 Harley Davidson ebike. I decided to eat right there when my order was ready. There was a comfortable spot to sit down. The perfect combination of the sandwich and the iced coffee was perfect. fashion as the cheese was sublimely melted and, quite frankly, I’ve never met a slice of bacon I didn’t love.

I also brought home a blueberry muffin ($4) for Tracy. She loved its buttery flavor, slight gloss, and the abundance of blueberries.

Regardless of your method of transportation, 93 Main is worth the visit, just don’t blame me if you wind up dropping a few grand on a sweet new ride to go with your breakfast.

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