‘Dying for a Good Grade’: 5 things you need to know about the LMN movie

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN), is breaking records with their latest movie genre. The latest is “Dying For a Good Grade”, starring Jason Cermak as well as Stefanie Von Pfetten.

The story of a student who gets involved in an admissions scandal to ensure she gets into a college with a great reputation is the thriller movie. As the police investigate the case, they get closer to the conclusion and capture the leader. The student tells her mom to get rid of this mess. Both sides try to end the situation for good. But will they succeed? 


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When will ‘Dying For a Good Grade’ be released? And where can you find it?

‘Dying to Get a Good Grade’ will be available on November 19, 2021. It can also be viewed on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).  

What is “Dying to Get a Good Grade”?

According to the official synopsis, “INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS – Wanting to ensure she gets into a great college, a student becomes involved in an admission scandal. When the police start snooping around and begin to close in on the ring leader, things turn deadly”. 

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Who stars in the LMN movie film?

Jason Cermak is Grant

Jason Cermak, a native of Alberta, Canada, is a huge fan of all sports and extracurricular activities growing up. After meeting Matt Damon while filming for ‘The Bourne Identity’ in Prague in 2000, Cermak’s acting career was launched. He gained valuable experience on the shoot location, which encouraged him to call an agent and train as a professional actor for both TV and film. Cermak was also a University instructor and an IT consultant at Deloitte right after he graduated. While pursuing his acting dream, he continued to pursue his education. Cermak plays the role of Black Knight on ‘Once Upon a Time.’ 

Jason Cermak (IMDb).


The rest of this cast includes Stefanie vonPfetten as Jennifer, Ona Gruer as Lisa and Karis Cameron to play Anni. Rachelle Gilis plays Katie. Rachelle Mahannah plays Regina. Rachelle Gilles plays Katie. Taylor Kare plays Nathan. Kendra Westwood plays Detective Gordon. Joel Semande is Reilly. Josh Chambers is Dev. Riley Orr portrays Si.


Brian D Young wrote the movie, with Ken Friss serving as the director.


We are yet to see a trailer, but stay tuned for updates!

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