Dominos Festive Menu review: Heavenly After Eight Cookies and tasteless festive pizza

Many are already planning for the festive season and are already shopping.

Supermarkets have published their Christmas ranges, as well as delivery times, and now our favourite takeaways are joining the fray.

Domino’s PizzaThis is the latest restaurant to announce their festive menu. It features a new pizza that includes all the trimmings for a Christmas dinner and a brand new dessert that combines their favorite cookies with a classic.

Domino’s is the first to release a Christmas-themed pizza.

The Festive OneIncludes turkey breast marinated with sage, onion, traditional Cumberland sausage, and bacon to give you a taste the best of the top trimmings.

Their new cookies Cookies with After Eight– have a soft mint center, similar to After Eight chocolates.

But is it as Christmassy and festive as it sounds? Could you really choose to eat this instead of the traditional festive meal?

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We tried the two festive additions to help make our decision.

The Festive One

The Festive One

This limited-edition pizza is certain to be a favorite choice for the season. I couldn’t resist trying it.

The expectations were high for this festive feast. I was expecting a pizza that would be full of flavour and get me in the mood to eat turkey and all its wonderful trimmings.

We ordered a large so we could share it among four of us. We also got a large pepperoni Passion (a classic winner) just in case anyone didn’t like the new addition.

A word of advice for the pizza sizes at Domino’s – you’re actually better off getting a large because you get more for your money – the large pizzas are priced at £20.99 whereas the mediums are £18.99 – so for an extra £2 you can get a couple of more slices in, perfect for leftovers or if you’re eating in a group.

But, back to The Festive One.

Although the smell of stuffing was tempting, I was concerned about the overpowering onion and sage flavours in the turkey pieces.

It wasn’t.

We tried The Festive One

We tried The Festive One

The perfect balance of onion, sage, smoked bacon and garlic gave it that pigs-in-blankets feel I was looking for.

After eating one slice, I decided to go for the Pepperoni Passion. It wasn’t because The Festive One was terrible in flavour, but because it lived up the Christmas dread: a dry turkey.

The Festive One’s tomato sauce base was minimal – the turkey had absorbed most of the sauce but still tasted dry.

After eating one slice, my taste buds were tired of the texture and wanted the traditional picture-shy cheesy pizza sauce.

A Cumberland sausage was also a mistake for me. But that’s because I prefer a pork sausage in taste.

The rest of my group disagreed and quickly devoured most of the pizza. They claimed they would order it again.

For me, I’m not so certain.

Domino’s could have done a better job and tried more flavours, but I understand that they want to stick with what customers will enjoy.

Perhaps a vegan Christmas pizza might be next in the pipeline?

They need to balance the tomato sauce base to toppings ratio on The Festive One.

Overall, I give it 3/5 stars. It was tasty, but not overpowering in flavour as a Christmas dinner.

The Festive One is available at your nearest retailer. Domino’s now£9.99Personal, £16.99For a small amount, £18.99A medium is £20.99For a large.

Cookies with After Eight

Cookies with After Eight

Cookies with After Eight

Every Christmas, there is always an After Eight’s box in our household.

They have become a mainstay of Christmas Day celebrations and Christmas Day. So I can understand why Domino’s has teamed up to create new cookies.

The ‘poshchos’ can be enjoyed in cookies form now, and they don’t lose their delicious gooey goodness.

The minty scent hit me immediately when I opened the box of warm cookies. It was like a warm and refreshing hug that didn’t feel too strong.

Domino’s regular chocolate cookies are just as delicious – served warm, with their rich chocolate bursting in the middle.

These Cookies with After EightThey are not only delicious, but also act as a palate cleanser.

I will admit that I was a bit upset I had four of them, and could only have one.

The After Eight cookies

The After Eight cookies

I don’t normally like chocolate as much as others. However, these are amazing and you will want another one as soon the first one is gone.

After feeling a bit disappointed with The Festive One’s pizza, I was ready for me to abandon the Domino Christmas menu. Cookies with After EightThe day was saved.

If you want to try something this Christmas, I recommend these. Only if you are a mint or After Eight lover. If not, I’ll happily eat mine.

5/5 stars

The Cookies with After Eight are only available for just £4.99.

It is available in four-packs, or you can order two. £6.99.

There is also a special dessert deal where customers can get two Ben & Jerry tubs of ice creams for £10.99.

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