Doing the little things: Meet the Minor League pitching coach with a Big League attitude on life

EL PASO TX — Sometimes the smallest of things can make a big impact. This is why Mike McCarthy, El Paso Chihuahuas’ pitching coach, will be high-fiving the kids after every Sunday home match.

McCarthy spends his time helping professional baseball players be their best on the field, but it is his full-time job.

“Whether it’s high-fiving kids or sending a text good morning to your family or holding the door for someone at the hotel or whatever it is, those little things matter and they make a world of difference to people,”McCarthy stated.

McCarthy first realized the impact he could have when he was playing college ball for Cal State Bakersfield. He shared with ABC-7 that they lost at an away match, but he recalls seeing some fans. 

“One of my teammates and I went over and signed their poster and took a picture and we were 21 and 22 and didn’t know much about life yet but in that moment I noticed I made a difference in their day.” 

For the rest of his college career, his 6 and a half years pitching for the Red Sox system and now coaching in Triple A, McCarthy has made ‘making a difference in someones day’ his mission. 

It’s why he has traveled the world with Baseball Miracles to teach kids about the game. 

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“It’s been great we spread the game in a positive way and work with under privileged kids that wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise,”McCarthy stated.

McCarthy considers it incredibly important to give back to the game that has given him so much.

“My family went through a lot of struggle in divorce and addiction and challenges that we don’t talk about a lot but baseball was an outlet it was an opportunity for me to have a secondary family and reliability,”McCarthy stated. “I hope that I’m just facilitating a positive environment for the kids and setting a good example for them and that they continue to learn those life lessons while they’re playing the game.”

Sunday, September 17th will be the next “Kids Run the Bases” at Southwest University Park. The first pitch will be at noon. Anyone 12 years old or younger can run the bases at end of the game.

McCarthy will almost always be there high-fiving each kid as they round out third, unless there are any roster moves that must be made after the game.

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