DJ Khaled Look-Alike at Waffle House Goes Viral – Watch

It seems like DJ Khaled is a twin.

Social media has made a viral clip of a DJ Khaled-looking man ordering at a Waffle House.

On Sunday, April 3, Instagram users can upload pictures. @st.mark85 shared a video of himself with the DJ Khaled doppelgänger who appears to be ordering food at a Waffle House. The man looks very similar to the Miami-based super producer.

St. Mark, who is holding his phone and filming it, tells his followers that it’s not every day you see Khaled at the Waffle House.

“Hey bro, hit ’em with that shit,”He tells the DJ Khaled lookalike.

The DJ Khaled doppelgänger looks straight into the camera and delivers the We The Best honcho’s signature ad-lib: “Another one.”

St. Mark tagged a couple of people in the clip, including the real DJ Khaled. Ari RufinoWho also looks like the Grammy-winning Producer. According to Rufino’s IG page, he’s an actor-comedian based out of Atlanta.

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It’s unclear if it’s Rufino in St. Mark’s viral clip, but it appears the comedian occasionally portrays Khaled on his IG account for fun.

DJ Khaled probably wouldn’t be at a Waffle House since he owns a chicken wing franchise, himself. Last year, the “Wild Thoughts” beatmaker launched Another Wing, a delivery-only restaurant that serves chicken wings, is now open.

DJ Khaled is not the only hip-hop artist who has a doppelgänger. Rap fans have pointed that Bobby Shmurda looks very similar to Reggie Jackson, Los Angeles Clippers point guard. Some people think A$AP Rocky and ex-footballer-turned-podcaster Chad Ochocinco look like twins.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see that DJ Khaled could possibly have a clone who sometimes hits up a waffle spot.

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