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About Discovery Place For Men

The growing addiction industry has created a huge opportunity for manipulation, deceit and profit-making due to the tragic addiction cycle that is plaguing our communities. ‘treatment.’ Our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers are being hijacked not only by substance abuse and its’ legal or health consequences, but also by the negligence or futility of the myriad programs boasting an immediate solution to a lifelong disorder. We watch our hopes and finances slip as we send our loved one from one facility to the next, often incurring unanticipated treatment costs for disappointing outcomes. It is not our addiction; it is our responsibility. Whom can trust? What can we do? It doesn’t matter what it is, we will do it. But how can we stop the pattern from compromising our family? Is it possible to escape?

Yes, there is a way out.

The families and alumni of Discovery Place report hope that their reviews and ratings on Facebook and Google are valid and that sobriety is possible.

Discovery Place was established two decades ago on principles rarely seen in practice. They offer long-term programming which follows recovery plans for individuals. They also guide in-patients along the path of increasing freedom and decreasing dependence. Over 40 staff members are part of the Discovery Place team. ‘guest’This mission-driven non-profit has a capacity of 25 and offers elite addiction treatment at affordable prices to its clients.

Discovery Place is a community of men gaining and maintaining freedom from substances through the marriage of intensive 12-Step Immersion and partnerships with the region’s premier, private practice clinicians. This program guides men in the daily application and treatment of actionable keys to maintain their sobriety. Each man leaving Discovery Place’s care does so without the disorienting loss of support associated with typical in-patient programs. These habits, which were learned and practiced at Discovery Place, can be repeated afterward. Additionally, the clinicians introduced by Discovery Place will be available to alumni. Meaning – Discovery Place knows 30 days is not the end of an addiction but the beginning of its’ treatment.

Although each person is unique, the program is very successful. Discovery Place is for families who have been through recovery.

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