Deshaun Watson settles with 20 of the 24 women who sued him, plus ranking the NFL’s top 10 tight ends

The Pick Six Tuesday edition is now available. 

The end of June is a slow time for NFL news. But, the NFL must have forgotten because the last 24 hours have been pretty crazy. 

In the last 24 hours, we have seen: 

1. Deshaun Watson In 20 of the 24 civil cases, a settlement was reachedThose were filed against him. 
2. Ndamukong Suh Publicly announcingHe won’t likely be returning to Buccaneers in 2022.  
3. Chase Claypool tries to convince the world he is one of them The NFL’s top-three receivers

We’ll be covering all that and more today, so I should stop yelling now so we can get to it. 

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1. Today’s Show: We rank the 10 greatest running back seasons of all-time


Will Brinson hosts The Pick Six podcast. But, he’s away on vacation so we had a special guest host. And surprise, surprise, that guest host turned out to be me. This week, I’m doing double duty: I’m hosting the podcast and writing this newsletter. I’m a true Renaissance man, if you consider hosting a podcast and writing the newsletter as part of being a renaissance person.

Bryan DeArdo joined my show Tuesday and we discussed the 10 best running back seasons of NFL history. DeArdo gave his top 10, and then I tried my best to convince him that each one was correct. 

Here’s the complete list: 

1. Barry Sanders, Lions (1997)
2. Eric Dickerson, Rams (1984).
3. Terrell Davis, Broncos (1998)
4. O.J. Simpson, Bills (1973)
5. Jim Brown, Browns (1963)
6. LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers (2006)
7. Walter Payton, Bears (1977).
8. Adrian Peterson, Vikings (2012)
9. Earl Campbell, Oilers (1979).
10. Chris Johnson, Titans (2008)

Barry Sanders’ 1997 season was so memorable. 

“Barry runs for just 53 yards in the Lions’ first two games combined because the new coach (Bobby Ross) put a fullback in front of him, which Barry hated. They get rid of the fullback and Barry runs for 2,000 yards in his final 14 games,” DeArdo explained. “He finished the year with 14 100-yard games, which is still the record for most 100-yard games in a season. He also had an average of 6.1 yards per carry, plus he had 2,358 yards from scrimmage, which is the sixth-most all-time.”

Sanders had such an impressive season that he was awarded MVP, even though the Lions were just 9-7 that year. 

You can listen to DeArdo and me go through the top 10 seasons of the list. Make sure you click here so you can listen to today’s show. If you want to see how handsome and beautiful I looked in the host’s chair, click here Click here to watch today’s episode of The View on YouTube

You can also listen to the podcast if you don’t feel like watching it today. Click here to see DeArdo’s complete story on the subject.

2. Deshaun Watson settles 20 civil lawsuits 

Deshaun Watson could be staring at a long suspensionThe Browns quarterback made a big move Tuesday to end his legal troubles. 20 of the 24 civil suits were settledThose were filed against him.  

Here are the most recent information about the Watson cases 

  • Tony Buzbee announces settlements. Buzbee made the shocking announcement Tuesday that 20 of these cases were now settled. “Today I announce that all cases against Deshaun Watson, with the exception of four, have settled,” Buzbee stated in a statement. “We are working through the paperwork related to those settlements. Once we have done so, those particular cases will be dismissed.”Buzbee pointed out that all 20 settlements are confidential and we won’t likely ever know what Watson paid to settle. It was in October. He offered $100,000 to settle.The 22 cases he was currently facing. The settlement was not reached because only 18 of his female counterparts agreed to it. At the time, it was an all or nothing proposition. 
  • The original plaintiff is not settling her case.Ashley Solis filed the initial lawsuit. Buzbee also made it clear that she was not going to settle her case. “Ashley Solis is one of the heroes of this story,”Buzbee said. “Her case has not settled and thus her story and that of the other three brave women will continue. I look forward to trying these cases in due course, consistent with other docket obligations and the court’s schedule.” 
  • Settlements occur at an interesting moment.The settlements were announced in just four days After The Washington Post reportedThat the NFL was going Arguably, Watson is deserving of a “significant” suspensionSome in Watson’s camp expect at least a one year ban. It isn’t clear if Watson will be suspended or not, but the NFL will likely see the settlements as a positive. 
  • The NFL hopes to have this completed by the end July. According to the Post, the NFL would like the entire process (including any appeals) completed by the time that training camp begins. Watson has already settled 20 of these cases, making that deadline seem more realistic. Watson will likely find out if he will be suspended in the next five week with Browns training camp starting July 27.
  • We mentioned yesterday that the NFL has a long history with dumping suspensions or other bad news on Fridays before July 4th. So it shouldn’t surprise us if they make an announcement about Watson case on July 1st. I’d suggest that this is the next date you should be keeping an eye on. 

    3. The top 10 tight ends heading into 2022 season


    We love to rank things at, and we thought it would be fun to spend the next few weeks ranking each position heading into the 2022 season. 

    Today we will move on to the tight ends after ranking the NFL’s top ten wide receivers Monday. Jordan Dajani compiled the following top 10 list. If you’d like, you can let him know how perfect it is. You can do this by clicking here. This link will take to his Twitter profile. You can also argue with him if your list isn’t what you want. 

    Top 10 tight ends for 2022

    1. Travis Kelce, Chiefs
    2. George Kittle, 49ers
    3. Mark Andrews, Ravens
    4. Darren Waller, Raiders
    5. Kyle Pitts Falcons
    6. Dallas Goedert, Eagles
    7. Mike Gesicki, Dolphins
    8. T.J. Hockenson – Lions
    9. Dalton Schultz, Cowboys
    10. Zach Ertz, Cardinals

    Rob Gronkowski is a notable absentee from this list. This list is intended to rank the top 10 tight ends heading into the 2022 season. We don’t know if Rob Gronkowski is on this list. What Gronk will be doing in 2022?He was not included in the list.

    For a more in-depth explanation of Jordan’s rankings, be sure to visit Click here to see his entire story

    4. The remaining biggest priority for each AFC-team

    While almost every NFL team has made a lot of moves between the draft, free agency, and the offseason, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve filled every hole in their roster. Most teams could make at least one more move. 

    We decided to create a list of the last offseason priorities for each AFC team. 

    Here’s a look on four of the teams on the list. Josh Edwards from gives a breakdown of why the listed need remains a huge one. 

  • Browns: Defensive tackle. “Defensive tackle is Cleveland’s biggest need and it is not particularly close. … The team signed Taven Bryan to give them a bit of experience, but a lot of pressure is going to be placed on the shoulders of young draft picks like Tommy Togiai, Jordan Elliott and Perrion Winfrey.”
  • Patriots: Cornerback. “There is a case to be made that wide receiver or linebacker are the most concerning aspects of Bill Belichick’s roster, but the choice has to be cornerback given the importance of man coverage play to his system’s success. Over the past year, the Patriots have lost Stephon Gilmore and J.C. Jackson. They signed Malcolm Butler and drafted Jack Jones and Marcus Jones to mask the deficiencies at the position.”
  • Raiders: Offensive Line. “Dylan Parham was added through the draft this year and is expected to compete for a starting position this summer. His emergence would be a welcomed surprise given the overwhelming concern for that unit.”
  • Ravens: Wide receiver. “The future is now for Baltimore’s young receivers. Rashod Bateman and Tylan Wallace need to elevate their play this season in the absence of Hollywood Brown. Devin Duvernay and James Proche are two wide receivers from the 2020 class who will be asked to fill larger roles out of necessity.”
  • The complete list of all 16 AFC team rosters can be viewed here Then, make sure to click here

    5. Chase Claypool makes bold predictions and statements for 2022


    The NFL calendar’s dead portion is officially here, and the NFL news cycle can sometimes slow down. But Chase Claypool had some interesting things to say this week. A recent appearance on the I am Athlete podcast

    Let’s look at a few of these things: 

  • Claypool claims he is a top-three NFL receiver. “I know for a fact, I’m not like the rest of the guys in the NFL. I know I’m a top-five receiver. I know I’m a top-three receiver.”Claypool is a solid receiver but I don’t think he’s a top-three receiver for his division. We actually On Monday, the NFL ranked the top 10 receiversClaypool is not on the list. I like his confidence. 
  • Claypool predicts his stats to 2022.When asked by Steelers receiver Claypool, he predicted that he would surpass 1,300 receiving yards and catch 10 touchdowns this season. It’s not impossible, but Claypool has never surpassed 900 yards in his two-year career. He’ll need to make a big leap into 2022.
  • He isn’t so sure Ben Roethlisberger should be playing in 2021.Claypool was asked by Claypool whether he thought Roethlisberger had played longer than he should. This was one the podcast’s most interesting moments. “I think at the end of my first year [in 2020], no one would’ve said that. But I feel like everyone’s saying that as the year went on. ‘Oh, he should’ve retired.’ It’s easy to say that after the fact,”Claypool said: “It’s tough to say. I mean, he was banged up for sure. He was fighting through a lot of stuff and he’s a vet quarterback that brings a lot of intangibles to the game that no one ever will.”It sounds like Big Ben got pretty beat up in the second half the 2021 season. 
  • Claypool seems to be a big fan Kenny Pickett.Claypool has been impressed by the Steelers’ first round pick. “[Pickett] looks good. He’s mobile, he’s faster than people think, so that’s going to be new for us and I think it’s going to create plays,”Claypool said: via PFT. Pickett will be competing with Mason Rudolph, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph to be Pittsburgh’s starting QB. 
  • Claypool’s entire interview is available to view here You can watch it on YouTube by clicking this link.  

    6. Rapid-fire roundup – Ndamukong Suh is unlikely to be returning home to Tampa Bay. He could be looking at the Raiders

    It’s been a wild 24 hour in the NFL. I put together a roundup because it’s nearly impossible for me to keep track of everything. 

  • The Buccaneers won’t be able to afford Ndamukong Sug if he plays in 2021.. During an appearance on ESPN on Monday, Suh revealed that he It is almost certain that you won’t returnIf he plays in 2022, the Buccaneers will consider it. There is however One interesting team is he seems keen to focus his attention onThe Raiders are that team.  
  • Marcedes Lewis is aiming to break the NFL tight end record for the longest career in a single season. Lewis has been playing for so long that he’s inching closer to breaking the NFL record for longest career ever by a tight end. Lewis is about to enter his 17th season. That would tie Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten and make him the longest-serving tight end in NFL history. The Packers close end This week, he revealed that he wants play throughLewis will break the record in at least the 2023-season. Lewis has been in NFL since 2006, when he was the Jaguars’ 28th overall pick. Lewis is the only draft player who is expected to play in 2022. 
  • Odell Beckham Jr. could not be fully fit until October. The Super Bowl winning receiver is still a free agent, and one reason his free agency might be going so slow is because teams don’t know when he’ll be healthy. ESPN claims Beckham is now a free agent. It may not be possible to recover 100%From his torn ACL up until October 
  • Trae Waynes sounds retired to me. The former Vikings and Bengals corner hasn’t officially retired, but it It sounds like he’s finished with football. “Could I easily keep playing several more years? Yes. But I got a family, I want to be around with my kids more,” Waynes said. “Multiple teams have actually called, but in my head I’m done. I’m not officially doing it, I’d say, just because I don’t do that sh-t. I’m retired, but it’s not like I announced it or anything.”
  • Browns may renovate their stadium rather than building a new one.. The Browns have cleared up a report that came out over the weekend claiming that the team was looking to build a new stadium. According to the Browns they are actually looking to renovate their existing stadium which opened in 1999. More information about Cleveland’s stadium situation can be found here Make sure you click here

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