Delivery worker run over by truck after motorcycle accident

BROOKLYN — Loved ones of a Brooklyn delivery worker are grieving his death after a truck ran him over after falling off of his motorcycle.

“Sometimes I feel like it’s unreal,” Rosa Maria Vidal said. “Like this is not real. Like he’s not gone. Like I’m still expecting him to come home.”

Rosa Maria Vidal’s reality is that Daniel Vidal, her husband, isn’t coming home.

What You Need to Know

  • Police say Daniel Vidal, 30, was riding his motorcycle to East Williamsburg on Thursday morning when he encountered motorcycle trouble.
  • Police say Vidal was hit by a truck driver after he fell off his motorcycle onto the road.
  • According to police, the driver did not leave the scene and is not facing any charges.
  • The 30-year old food delivery worker was on his way home from work when he was struck by a car.

    “It’s just, it’s overwhelming for me,”She spoke.  

    “He was a very, very friendly individual,” Rosa Maria Vidal said. “If you were part of the delivery group and you were in trouble he would come and help you.”

    According to police Daniel Vidal was driving his motorbike to work in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Thursday morning around 9:30 am.

    According to police, he was in the Morgan Avenue bicycle lane near Meadow Street when the rear brakes were locked. The motorcycle glided in the street and struck a curb before Daniel Vidal fell into it.

    Police said that’s when a 50-year-old man driving a truck made a left turn onto Morgan Avenue and ran over the food delivery worker.

    Police reported that Daniel Vidal was transported by an ambulance to Elmhurst Hospital Center.

    “It’s become a dangerous job,”Roberto Martinez, an organizer for the NYC Food Delivery Movemen said. “It’s become one of the most dangerous jobs in New York City.”

    Martinez stated that there are some things city leaders and lawmakers can do to make this happen.

    “I think we need to bring back visibility posts,”He said. “I think we need to bring back patrol and prevent vehicles from double parking, blocking things for the bicyclist.”

    Rosa Maria Vidal said her husband’s delivery job was only supposed to be temporary.

    “He’s goals were to open his motorcycle shop and his video camera shop,”She spoke. “We had thought that like in maximum two years, we would be having this dream come true.”

    Police say that the truck driver did not leave the accident scene and is not being charged. The accident remains under investigation.

    Daniel Vidal’s mother started a go-fund-me page to help the family pay for funeral expenses.

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