Dead By Daylight Teases New Witch Survivor Mikaela Reid

The next update for Dead by Daylight, Hour of the Witch, is scheduled to release in October. It features a new Survivor with an occult-themed theme.

As Halloween approaches, a new witch-themed Survivor named Mikaela Reid will be joining Dead by Daylight. The asymmetric multiplayer game offers a wide variety of playable Survivors as well as Killers. New characters are added regularly.

Each game in Dead by Daylight pits four Survivors against a single Killer, and tasks the Survivors with turning on generators around the map to escape before the Killer can murder them all. Survivors are limited in offensive abilities and must use stealth and teamwork together to escape the Killer. Each Survivor in Dead by Daylight has unique Perks to help in their task which can be unlocked for other Survivors as the player progresses through the game.

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The announcement of the new Survivor came in a recent tweet by DeadByBHVR, the official account for Dead by Daylight. It was revealed that Mikaela Reid will join the game’s Hour of the Witch update in October 2021. The new update will only add the Survivor, and not any other Killers or Survivors.

As the most recent Dead by Daylight update added Pinhead from Hellraiser as a new Killer without a Survivor counterpart, Mikaela Reid will be the first Survivor to join the game since June 2021. That update brought in Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, making it longer still since an original Survivor was added to Dead by Daylight. While Mikaela Reid’s Perks have not been announced, the tweet states that “[s]he brings light and life to a realm of darkness and death.” This suggests that her abilities will focus on supporting or healing the other Survivors.

Since its initial release in 2016, Dead by Daylight has added a great deal of content through its periodic updates. This has helped keep the game’s community alive over the years. Fans eagerly await each new addition. While the licensed characters garner the most attention – particularly when they’re removed from the game, as with the Stranger Things update – the original characters put the developer’s creativity and character design on display for the players. Mikaela Reid, a witch, fills a niche that has been missing from the game. Few occult Survivors have ever made their way into the horror game. The Halloween season offers the perfect opportunity to bring this theme to the game.

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Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Stadia.

Source: DeadByBHVR/Twitter

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