D&D Meme Compares The Tarrasque’s Massive Size To Banana

A meme on Twitter compares D&D’s most frightening monster, the Tarrasque to a banana to get an idea of its enormous size.

In a hilarious Dungeons & DragonsThe Tarrasque is one of the most fearsome and massive monsters in D&D. It can be compared in size with a banana. D&D is well-known for its massive monsters, from the conniving liches to grand and powerful dragons that gave the game its name. Although the Tarrasque is not well-known outside of D&D it is one of the most frightening monsters in the game. This monstrosity is described as a bipedal beast with reflective carapace and horns that can bounce magic spells back at the user. It has the highest challenge rating in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, higher than actual dragons.


Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPGs are unique in the fact that they require imagination to varying levels. Fifth edition D&D includes beautiful artwork for many monsters, descriptions, and size categories. These categories include small and medium, which would be where most of the player characters would fit into. There is also large, massive, and gargantuan. This is the category where the Tarrasque belongs. While these are helpful, it can certainly still leave some questions as to exactly how large a Tarrasque from Dungeons & Dragons really is.

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Thank you MemesDndOn Twitter, Dungeons & Dragons players have a better understanding of the size of the Tarrasque. MemesDnd credits Middle-Ad6940 with creating the meme. It shows some amazing Tarrasque art, with the explanation that a banana was used to scale the image. One response, from WytArtsyThe claimant claims to have found the banana by pointing out the small yellow pixel at the bottom of the picture. This just goes to show how large Tarrasque is, regardless of whether the image actually contains a banana.

The Tarrasque is a mythical monster that can destroy entire civilizations. The best use of the Tarrasque would be to make it mythical, legendary, and a sleeping giant that everyone whispers about, hoping it never wakes. The enormity of this creature can also be used to create a sense that players are pressing for action in a Dungeons& Dragons campaign. Some players might feel scared and anxious, while others may be more open to the challenge. It’s hard to find something that will ignite a player’s passion like learning that a kaiju-sized creature is about to take down their home town.

Although this meme may be funny, it gives D&D DMs a better idea about how to appropriately describe an encounter against this monstrosity. The Tarrasque can be a frightening foe and should be reserved for higher-level parties, or for a dramatic battle near the end a campaign. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of terrifying creatures, like cows, for low-level Dungeons & DragonsParties to deal with in the interim.

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Source: MemesDnd/Twitter, WyArtsy/Twitter

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