‘Customer’ Meaning Key In $7M Texas Gas Explosion Appeal

By Katie Buehler (September 29, 2021, 6:39 PM EDT) — Texas Supreme Court justices on Wednesday drilled down into the definition of “customer” in a CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp. tariff as the utility tries to wipe out an almost $7 million jury verdict for a man injured in a residential gas explosion.

The case stems from a 2015 gas blast in which Fernando Ramirez sustained severe injuries. CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp.’s tariff ends its liability at the gasmeter. This is why the state’s highest court is asked to decide whether CenterPoint’s tariff does not apply to non-customers. Minerva, Fernando’s spouse, was at their daughter’s Laredo, Texas home, watching their grandchild when the explosion happened.

The Ramirezes’ attorney,…

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