Competitors go slice for slice at Joe’s Pizza 12th annual pizza eating contest

Jul 3, 2022, 2:32amUpdated 6h ago

By: News 12 Staff

Saturday’s Joe’s Pizza hosted its 12th annual pizza eating contest.

Who would be the pizza king of Holbrook, New York? It’s a serious title.

“Remember, more men have walked on the moon than there are pizza kings of Holbrook,”Phillip Donofrio of Joe’s Pizza.

More than 100 spectators cheered for the competitors.

The competition requires contestants eat as many slices as they can in ten minutes. It’s a contest where mind wins over stomach. You need to have strategy and strength.

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There is a point where competitive eating can lead to the eaters hitting a wall. Others are able to catch a wave and have that Zen slice moment.

Two of the other competitors were eventually able to take turns at the table, one slice after another.

Joe’s holds the record with 10 and a quarter slices. Some kids claimed that competitors had unique ways to eat because of the July heat.

“He kept dipping in in the water. It was amazing. I couldn’t do that,”Collin Acunzo of Ronkonkoma.

Nick Diana, a first-time participant in the event, finished with nine slices in 10 minutes. He was this year’s king.

“Around five or six [slices] it starts to get rough,”According to the Melville resident.

Jimmy Purificato, a pizza and cannoli-loving veteran, was next with eight slices.

“I’ll take it. I’m not upset with myself. It was tough, it was fun though,”Purificato, Sayville.

The prizes included a Joe’s gift certificate, bragging rights, and a full meal.

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