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GREENFIELD, Calif. (KION-TV)– “Usually Greenfield is just a town you pass by, not come for positive news,”Rigo Avila, owner of A.V.I.L.A Victory Boxing said this.

Avila runs the boxing gym, a non-profit, out of his garage at 600 Block of Palm Avenue. To provide a positive outlet for the community, and perhaps even foster greatness.

“I just wanted to help out kids in the community, said Avila. “Greenfield is located at the southern edge of South County, and we are severely under-resourced. I wanted to create something. The kids wanted something they could access and learn skills from. To develop self-esteem and discipline, you can also learn to be more discipline. Particularly in the south county.

A.VI.L.A Boxing strives to instill ambition, valor and integrity in all who come under Coach Avila’s supervision. Loyalty, loyalty, achievement, and perseverance are the things that Coach Avila tries to instill.

“My coach, his thing is that he actually cares about you,” said a gym student, Roder Diaz. “He cares about every single one here. He teaches you how to box and other things about life you can apply anywhere.”

Roder Diaz

A.V.I.L.A Boxing doesn’t care about your age, skill level, or gender. It is all about your heart. Every Monday through Thursday, dozens of youth attend from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

“Don’t be scared to try it out,”Emilie Hernandez, a student, agreed. “Just because there’s no girls here doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I know some parents wouldn’t want to bring their daughter out here. It’s not bad at all. The guys are nice, the coaches are nice, and everyone gets along.”

Emilie Hernandez (right).

Avila plans to open his own boxing gym in July. Click here to learn more about A.V.I.L.A Victory Boxing Here.

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