Cleo Smith’s voice was heard on CCTV at the campsite where the four-year-old was staying when she disappeared

Cops say CLEO Smith’s voice was heard on CCTV at the campsite where the 4-year-old disappeared.

The audio was made public by police in Western Australia as they search for the driver of a car that was seen at 3:30am and 3.30am the morning she vanished from a campsite.


For information leading to Chloe Smith’s rescue, a $1million reward has been offered
Cops are still searching for Cleo Smith who was last seen at the Blowholes campsite in Macleod, north of Carnarvon, Western Australia


Cleo Smith was last seen at the Blowholes campsite, Macleod, north-west of Carnarvon, Western Australia. Police are still looking for herCredit: 9News
Police believe she was wearing this floral babygrow


Police believe she was wearing this floral maternity gownCredit: AFP

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde, Western Australia Police, said on Sunday afternoon: “We want the person or persons who were in that vehicle to come forward and contact police.

“We want to know who they were and what they were doing.”

He stated that although the reported sighting was of the car, it was not a sighting. It was seen turning south off Blowholes Road at the Blowholes campsite along WA’s northwest coastline. “very recent development”The driver was not a suspect.

Citing “credible sources”Det Supt Wilde reported the vehicle to the police. He also mentioned that there were other vehicles in the area. “people out there that we want to catch up with and to speak to”.

Cleo was reported missing in the early hours of the morning last Saturday after her parents could not find her at the campground where they had been staying.

Police have been searching for the young girl in remote terrain, and now believe that she was abducted. “grave concerns are held for Cleo’s safety”.

Today The West AustralianCleo’s audio was captured on one CCTV camera at a beach bar just 20 metres from her place of residence, the day before her disappearance.

The surveillance camera, which records audio and is motion sensitive, is attached to a frontal part of the building to capture footage.

Police have confirmed that the girl’s voice was recorded on the camera. They also claim that copies of the footage were taken by the force.

After inspecting it, they confirmed that Cleo was there before her disappearance.

Today, police also ruled out the possibility that a stalker might have planned her kidnapping after stalking the family’s house for days.

There is no evidence or indication that anyone was being stalked.

Det Supt Rod Wilde

Police claim that there are “no signs”The missing girl was being stalked before her disappearance.

After searching the outside of her South Carnavon home for fingerprints, forensic officers made the comment to determine if there was any evidence that she had gone missing eight days earlier.

Det Supt Wilde, who is leading the taskforce investigating her disappearance, said the search was “not indicating they’ve [her family]Nothing like being stalked.

“In actual fact, if she has been taken, it’s more likely to have been a random event.

“There is no indication and no evidence that anyone was being stalked.

“We just want to reassure the community that we do not believe that is the case in this instance.”

He also said that officers were performing standard searches outside her house to determine if she was safe. “cover off all bases”.

He added: “It was predominantly to see if there had been any trespass or anything like that, but nothing of interest has come from that.

“It’s just part of a thorough investigation and something that we will do in these cases.

“It’s to gather information and eliminate certain aspects of an investigation.”


West Australian authorities have offered a $1million reward for information leading to Cleo’s location.

Police believe that a person took a sleeping Cleo from the large family tent on Saturday, October 16th, between 1.30am to 6am.

It has been confirmed the zipper on the tent was found open to a height Cleo could not have reached, seemingly ruling out the possibility she wandered off on her own. Her red and dark sleeping bag is also missing.

Blowholes Campground is a remote spot located 30 minutes from the North West Coastal Highway. There is only one sealed road that leads to the site for tourists, fishermen, and the few shack-dwellers who make it their home.

Police also appealed to anyone who recorded CCTV footage or dashcam footage last weekend within a 1000km radius of Blowholes campsite, but only as far as Lancelin.

Detectives are “particularly interested” in motel check-in and communal areas, service stations, fast food outlets and bakeries, truck stops and free camping areas, children’s clothing stores, pharmacies and cosmetic stores, and camping stores.

Cleo was likely missing from the area, according to a pilot who was among the first to start the search.

Justin Borg received a desperate call from Cleo’s parents on Saturday morning, pleading for him to help find a missing preschooler.

He quickly sent his Coral Coast Helicopter Services crew out to search for the girl. “world class”Police arrived as the area was surveyed by musterers.

Mr Borg’s team spent the whole day scouring the landscape, but saw nothing that shed any light on Cleo’s disappearance.

“We were just running out the block of possibilities asking ‘where do we look next?” Mr Borg told The West Australian.


“We were pretty sure she wasn’t in the area when we conducted our second search.

“When we go and search for somebody, if they are in the area you find them really quick. “Especially if you’re talking about abnormal colours,” he said.

Mr. Borg stated that the pink jumpsuit Cleo was wearing at the time of her disappearance would have stood out against the landscape.

“We flew at a height where we were just glancing over the country side. And then when we found nothing on the broad area search, we started a more slow and thorough search,”Mr. Borg said.

“We made sure we looked under every rock, every tree, and every bush with the chopper.”

Mark McGowan, the WA premier, asked anyone with information to come forward, as a special task force was established to continue its investigation into the case.

“There’s over a hundred police personnel on this case, plus volunteers, plus army reserves who are out there searching in the efforts to find Cleo,”McGowan stated.

“I just urge anyone who has any knowledge of the location of Cleo, please provide that information to police and assure that we can provide some certainty and information to Cleo’s loved ones and hopefully bring Cleo back safe and sound.”

Investigators spoke to as many as 20 registered sex offenders from the Carnarvon region, but they did not find any suspects.

“Given the information now that we’ve gleaned from the scene, the fact that the search has gone on for this period of time and we haven’t been able to locate her … it leads us to believe that she was taken from the tent,” Det Supt Rob Wilde said.

He stated that authorities were still open to the possibility of Cleo being taken by someone she knew.

Cleo could have been driven eight hours from the campsite where her last sighting was, cops suggested.

Another possibility is that Cleo was driven to Kalbarri, some five hours away. She may have also passed through Meekatharra which is 670 km south-east.

Cops are going through hours worth of CCTV footage from a roadhouse located north of the campsite. It records every vehicle that passes by and is the only northbound road.

Cleo could have been taken to another state, but police have not ruled this out. Her disappearance is being investigated by detectives from the WA Police Homicide Squad, forensics, and local detectives.

Police say Cleo may have been driven eight hours away from the Blowholes campsite


Police believe Cleo was driven eight hours from Blowholes campsite by Cleo
Cleo vanished from her family's tent in Western Australia on Saturday morning


Cleo disappeared from her tent in Western Australia with her family on Saturday morningCredit: AFP
Police believe this red and grey sleeping bag could be with her


Police believe that the sleeping bag in red and grey could have been hers.Credit: NSW Police Force
Police search Cleo Smith home after stalker prowled family’s home for days. Cops fear stalker plotted abduction

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