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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — You hear it almost every week: another shooting in Jacksonville, another act of violence in our city. Sometimes, a young child or teen is involved.

Jacksonville City Council is now allocating money for crime prevention in our community.

This bill, which passed Tuesday, saw the collaboration of Crime Stoppers and several other local agencies with Councilman Reggie Gaffney (and Councilman Sam Newby).

Councilman Gaffney said his goal is to intervene in kids’ lives before it’s too late.

“Enough is enough and at some point you do get tired of seeing these innocent young kids, as well as some older folks, getting shot,”Councilman Gaffney spoke.

Action News Jax told you the story in March, when a teen was killed in Oceanway. Fourteen- to 18-year-olds were also injured.

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That teen’s death inspired the bill which proposes the City allocate $336,000 to funding small nonprofits with the goal to reduce violence in the community.

Shenku BoxingDr. Anthony Mitchell is a coach who has been helping children get off the streets for six year. His motto is: “From guns to gloves. To get youth to take out anger in a more positive way.”

“We get down to the root of the cause of: Where is there so much violence? Why do you have so much anger? What are you doing to change this?”Dr. Mitchell said.

He believes the money will make a positive difference in the community.

“It’s that micro that grows to make it that macro. It starts small, and most of the time those kinds of people are overlooked. People like Shenku Boxing,”Dr. Mitchell said.

The bill’s goal is to fund nonprofits that are in the neighborhoods where kids are in need of assistance, and perhaps educating them early and giving them a safe outlet will prevent future tragedies.

Councilman Gaffney said he hasn’t chosen which nonprofits will get the money, but we will hear more about that process in the coming weeks.

Below is the bill:

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