City hall wants contractor to develop new landfill, use ‘alternative’ waste technology

In 2023, a new landfill could be built and the existing one could be decommissioned at the same time.

Since Moose Jaw’s landfill is nearly 100 years old, city hall is looking for a contractor to develop a new solid waste location while possibly implementing other “alternative solid waste management technologies.”

The Ministry of Environment regulates and monitors the municipality’s landfill and issues a permit every time it conducts a five-year site review. For renewal of a permit, a decommissioning-and-reclamation plan (DRP), is required.

A request for proposals was made by city hall in July for a contractor who would handle a DRP. The city council also explained that the funding application for consulting services under the federal Investing Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) was submitted. 

In September, Pinter & Associates Ltd. was awarded the contract. The contractor was responsible for developing a DPR. Among other tasks:

  • Examining the feasibility and viability of alternative waste management technologies
  • Analyzing the physical closure steps at the site
  • Identifying the landfill’s remaining useful life
  • Proposing engineering plans and drawings
  • Decommissioning the landfill
  • Develop a post-closure care program
  • Handling anything that could affect the site’s closure
  • With the award of this tender, the department has created a request to proposals (RFP), to find an engineer contractor to develop concepts for potential solid-waste venue locations. “alternative solid waste management technologies,”The report continued. 

    The RFP was published by the department on November 18, while it closes January 13, 2022. 

    Participation in stakeholder communications and consultations would be the responsibility of the proponent. 

    “The future solid waste concept is the first step in the development of the city’s next waste management facility. This project will define the scope and cost of this facility and provide a more informed budget for the 2023 capital budget submission,”Bevan Harlton was the director of engineering services and spoke to city council at the Nov. 22 regular meeting. 

    He pointed out that the city hall will receive options, costs, and recommendations regarding where and how to place the new waste management facility. The tender winner would be responsible for:

  • Project management
  • Delivering a concept design and report that is informed from alternative solid waste management technologies such as landfill gas capture, transfer station, municipal landfills, and/or composting. 
  • Locating a new landfill site while considering regulatory, social, and environmental factors
  • Assisting with communications liaison and organizing joint activities for the public, in addition to submitting permits and other requirements
  • A public engagement survey was conducted and a summary report created. It includes key project parameters, new location, and technology options.
  • Potential funding opportunities 
  • Harlton said that the final solid-waste plan will be delivered by the council in late-2022.

    “The landfill has been on the radar for quite a while and has had reports attached to it previously. But I’m really happy to see here that it’s included the alternative solid waste management component,”Coun. Crystal Froese. “From the landfill gas capture, (to) the waste to energy capture and composting parts of it, there are a lot of opportunities out there with new technology.”

    Council later voted unanimously to receive and file Harlton’s report about the future municipal solid waste concept project. 

    Monday, December 6th is the next regular meeting of the city council 

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