Chief Minister attends Mochi Samaj Sneh Milan in Gandhinagar

Chief Minister attends Mochi Samaj Sneh Milan in Gandhinagar

  • The community grows as much as education does.
  • The double-engine government is making every effort to ensure the welfare of all Gujaratis.
  • Gujarat elections have been contested for over two decades on the basis of development.


Gandhinagar, Friday: Mochi Samaj Sneh Milan took place in Gandhinagar in the presence Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Pattel. The Chief Minister was warmly welcomed by Mochi Samaj leaders.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Ptel stated that education is vital for the development of any community. He said that the double engine government has been a benefit to Gujaratis for 8 years. Both the BJP Government of Gujarat (Center) and the Center have made every effort to improve the welfare of Gujarati citizens. He said that Gujarat has become a model country because of the progress made in education, health, and infrastructure.

The Chief Minister stated that while there were attempts to create divisions in the past, elections have been contested solely on the basis for development.

Shri Ashok Gohil, Smt. Chandravati Chauhan, Smt. Geeta Chauhan, Saints of Jagaswami Sansthan, former president Bakshipanch Morcha Shri Bhagwandas Pantchal, and members of Mochi Samaj, were present.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat

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