Chick-fil-A would build at Garden State Pavilions in Cherry Hill

CHERRY Hill – Chickfil-A wants Chick-fil to demolish Friendly’s ice-cream shop for the construction of a new restaurant.

The 5,400-square-foot restaurant would rise in an outlying area of the Garden State Pavilions on Route 70 near Cornell Avenue, according to an application before the township’s planning board.

Indoor dining would take up approximately 1,500 square feet for 98 customers at the fast-food chicken restaurant.

The restaurant alo will offer outdoor seating for up to 14 people. “drive-thru, multilane fulfillment facility,”The application states.

Chick -fil-A wants to build a restaurant at the site of a long-vacant Friendly's restaurant at the Garden State Pavilions on Route 70 in Cherry Hill.

The application is expected to be considered by the planning board at its Dec. 6, meeting.

After operating for more 15 years at Cherry Hill, Friendly’s closed its doors in September 2018.

The site is about a mile west of an existing Chick-fil-A off Route 70 in the Market Place at Garden State Park.

Chick-filA also has local locations on the 400 block Haddonfield Road, right across from Cherry Hill Mall, as well on Route 70, near Marlkress Road.

Chick-fil-A says the planned eatery will provide 70 to 80 jobs, with up to 18 workers per shift.

The outline of a Friendly's logo appears on a long-vacant restaurant on Route 70 in Cherry Hill.

It would operate from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The Atlanta-based chain does NOT open Sundays.

For more information, a Chick-fil A representative could not reach you.

The fast-food chain was founded in 1967 and has more than 2,500 locations in the United States.

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