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Chestnut Hill’s Home and Garden Festival is back providing fun and shopping for all. One hundred fifty vendors will be set up along the 7700-8600 blocks of Germantown Avenue on Sunday, May 1, to bring the community together. This will also support local businesses in the Chestnut Hills Business District.

The one-day festival runs from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is a family-friendly event that has something for everyone including home décor, outdoor demonstrations, plants and flowers, jewelry, lawn and tree care, landscaping, soaps, furniture, handcrafted accessories, art, clothing and more.

Among the many vendors that will be on site at Chestnut Hill’s Home and Garden Festival, are plant vendor Foliage and trendy soap and bath company Gold and Water Co.

Foliage, owned by Yolanda Parker, is located at 6039 Passyunk Avenue. It is her second year participating. Palmer sells pots, plants, and even makes her own dirt. She is passionate about plants and loves to educate people about how to care for them. She says she’s keen to help anyone from the plant-curious to the seasoned gardener.

“Novice plant lovers, beginner and expert plant lovers will come, people that want to get into plants will come,”Palmer said.

Palmer claims that she has been caring about plants since she was a child.

“Every Friday, when I was done with my chores, I would get a gift. My mom would buy me a plant and that traveled with me as I got older. During the years, I got into different species and care. I’m into the care of the plant and the dirt and fertilizing,”She said.

In addition to the home and garden offerings, there’s entertainment for kids young and old. Jenks Elementary has activities for children below 10. Face painting, arts & craft, and other fun activities will be available for families. In addition, Stagecrafters Theater Events will offer things for children of all ages including stilt walkers from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., jugglers from 12-2 p.m. courtesy of the Philadelphia School of the Circus Arts, a balloon artist from 12:30 — 2:30p.m. and children’s theatre performances at 1p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Many events were cancelled or scaled back last year because of the pandemic. This festival was reduced to a short walk.

Palmer is excited for this year’s expansion, “I’m super excited! I’m sitting here getting my orders together and things I want to display outside. I need everything to look exceptionally nice. It’s going to be totally different from what I experienced last year. It’s going to be bigger!”

Gold and Water Co. will also be on-site. This is Owner Chartel Findlater’s first year participating in the festival.

“I am really excited about getting to put faces to the names of the businesses that I’ve communicated with on social media because my business is primarily an online retailer. I am grateful to meet people and be a part of that experience,”Findlater.

Findlater’s business offers hand crafted soaps and bath and body products. She has a studio located in Kensington, and sells online and through local businesses and retailers. Some of her vendors can be found in Chestnut Hill.

After Findlater was unable to find peace during difficult times in her life, Gold and Water Co. was founded. Her business has allowed her to have the opportunity to. “help others find those same moments of rest and peace as well. I don’t believe healing comes through a bubble bath per say, but I think the intention behind it is what’s important. Did you pause? Are you present in this moment? Are you taking care of yourself?”

This year Chestnut Hill’s Home and Garden Festival was expanded to include multiple blocks and of course there will be food! There will be food trucks and local eateries in Chestnut Hill. You will find festival favorites like popcorn, soft pretzels, ice cream, baked goods and baked goods at the event. Dogs are also welcome!

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