Cannabis Dispensary Workers Across Quebec Strike Over Better Pay, Conditions, Here’s What Happened

You can get up to 300 employees in over 20 cannabis dispensaries in Quebec went on strike in support of the union’s leadership and some 75 employees were suspended by the province-run Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC).

The union representing the workers, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), said on Tuesday that SQDC’s move is a reaction to a supposed dress-code violations.

“This work stoppage follows the suspension of the president of the union, the vice-president as well as 75 employees because they wore dresses and Bermuda shorts as means of pressure rather than the black pants and sweater required,”The union said.

The Friday night was the start of strike. While the union said that it included 300 employees, SQDC’s estimation was approximately 250 workers.

SQDC stated that the Other 67 stores are expected to continue operating normally, while those affected by the strike may sell cannabis for only a few hours.

SQDC will continue “serving our customers and fulfill our mandate of migrating consumers over to the legal recreational cannabis market,”The spokesperson added that “the SQDC fully recognizes the employees’ right to assert pressure tactics during the current negotiations.”

Workers are also asking for proportional compensation to their colleagues working at the province’s governing body that is in charge of liquor stores – Société des alcools du Québec.

“These SQDC workers barely earn CA$17 per hour upon hiring and the majority have no full-time position or job security, which puts them in an untenable precarious position,”CUPE stated in its statement.

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