Cannabis dispensary sprouting in old Burger King near Southpark Mall

Green Leaf Medical will open a satellite dispensary of medical cannabis in Colonial Heights, close to Southpark Mall. (BizSense file photo)

The region’s medical marijuana provider has lined up its latest retail location.

Green Leaf Medical (stylized). “gLeaf”) plans to open a satellite cannabis dispensary in a shuttered Burger King at 401 Southpark Blvd. Colonial Heights, near Southpark Mall.

Phil Goldberg, President of Green Leaf Medical, stated Monday that the new store will open in a few short months.

The expansion into Colonial Heights extends gLeaf’s reach southward as it continues to fan out around the region to open the five dispensaries it’s allotted under state law. The first dispensary opened in Short Pump last year, and another is currently being built in Carytown.

Goldberg said gLeaf landed on the Colonial Heights location to extend its reach southward toward an area that’s proven to have a concentration of patients and has easy access just off the interstate and near Petersburg as well.

“We look at where patients don’t have easy access, we look at where we’re delivering the majority of our home delivery orders, we look at accessibility to highways and all these different things and that Colonial Heights location was a great spot for us,”Goldberg stated.

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Next on gLeaf’s list is Chesterfield County, where Goldberg said the company is planning to sign a lease on an undisclosed Midlothian space next week. It also is eying Ashland or Scott’s Addition to round out its complement of five satellite dispensaries.

Goldberg stated that the Colonial Heights dispensary will open in August or September. The Carytown dispensary, which was previously located in the former Need Supply storefront, will also open in September.

The Colonial Heights location will feature a drive-thru, just like the Short Pump spot.

“That’s been really popular during the pandemic and even as things wind down, a lot of customers prefer to use the drive-thru,”Goldberg said.

gLeaf operates more than 20 delivery vehicles throughout Virginia, in addition to its retail storefronts. Delivery is handled out of the center of gLeaf’s Virginia operations, a marijuana growing, processing and dispensing facility at 2804 Decatur St. in South Richmond.

Green Leaf is one the four active medical marijuana providers within the state. Green Leaf has permission to operate dispensaries in Virginia’s Health Service Area 4, which includes the Greater Richmond region. Only the state’s operators are authorized to sell marijuana products.

Columbia Care, a New York company that owns Green Leaf, operates dispensaries throughout the health service area that includes coastal Virginia. Cresco Labs, a Chicago-based cannabis company, owns Green Leaf. Plans to purchaseColumbia Care this year.

While personal cultivation and possession of marijuana is legal in Virginia, it’s still illegal to sell recreational pot. In February, the General Assembly rejected legislation that would have allowed recreational pot sales to start.

Governor. Glenn Youngkin signed legislation to remove the requirement that medical cannabis patients register at the state Board of Pharmacy before they can purchase medical cannabis products from licensed sellers. This requirement will be removed when the law goes into effect July 1. Virginia medical cannabis patients will need to continue to have written certification from registered healthcare practitioners to purchase medical marijuana products.

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