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Are you looking to find a high-rated cannabis dispensary close to you? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options available in your local area? Don’t worry, we can help! Are you tired of driving for hours in a car? Well we’ve got you covered!

Location is cannabis users’ number one concern when choosing a dispensary. We’ve stepped in to make finding nearby dispensaries a little easier. GreenState’s cannabis directory is a searchable and interactive map of cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the NY Capital Region. This interactive directory showcases some of the highest-ranked cannabis dispensaries across these three states – each with a rating well over 4.5 stars!

Note that recreational marijuana is legal in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut. There are different rules regarding where and how marijuana can legally be sold, how much it can be consumed and how it can get delivered. Click your state to see the rules.

Want to know more about what’s happening in this region? You can find out more about our state cannabis news here: 

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This directory was created by Elfsight and Google Maps.

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