Burglar Knocks Hole Into Wrong Business During Attempted Burglary

Tulsa police claim that someone tried to break into a marijuana dispensary near Pine & Peoria on Tuesday morning. The person knocked a hole in the back of the building and was caught out by the police.

Block Builderz, a business that assists people in the criminal justice systems, is located in the same building as the dispensary.

According to the owner, someone ripped a hole in their wall, cut the electricity, and then got inside, realizing it was an office, not a dispensary.

Owner D’marria Monday stated that they intend to board up her wall and keep her doors wide open.

“We’re here to offer hope. We’re not going to allow someone to steal our joy. We’re going to continue, we’re going to clean up, we’re going to board it up, the sun is shining and it’s business as usual. We’re still here to offer hope,”Monday

According to the owner, nothing was stolen.

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