Buccaneers’ Tom Brady shouts out Eagles fans ahead of Thursday Night Football

I find it difficult to hate Tom Brady at this stage in his career. Eagles fans rejoiced when Brady and his Pats were eliminated in Super Bowl LII. However, it’s easier to feel animosity towards Brady now that he’s with the Bucs.

Brady must have a healthy respect for Eagles fans. TB12 shouted out Philly football fans during his Tuesday media availability, two days before his Bucs arrive to town for Thursday Night Football.

Brady was asked a question regarding the Eagles’ defense. “talented” “dangerous”The GOAT was asked about his thoughts on playing in an environment like The Linc.

Brady had a solid response that will most likely take Eagles fans by surprise.

“REPORTER”: Do you enjoy being in that Philly atmosphere? It’s a different fanbase.

“BRADY: They do a good job, they love their team. I’ve played there quite a few times over the years, and it’s a great football stadium. It’ll be a fun game Thursday night.”

Dare i say, Tom Brady… respect

He speaks a lot in platitudes at this stage in his career to protect himself, but Brady still gives the Eagles fans his due. I’ll take it. He’s played all over the place and knows a good fanbase when they see one.


Thursday night will be the fourth time Brady has performed in Philadelphia. Here’s a look back on the first three.

Sept. 14, 2003: Eagles 10, Patriots 31

Brady throws for 255 yard and three touchdowns during a romp. Donovan McNabb throws 2 interceptions, and Koy Detmer attempts 2 passes.

Nov. 27, 2011, Patriots 38, Eagles20

Brady throws for 361 yard and three touchdowns in an epic game. The Eagles’ top receiver is Jason Avant, who throws for 400 yards. Vince Young throws for 400 yards. Yikes.

Nov. 17, 2019, Patriots 17, Eagles 10,

Brady doesn’t throw touchdowns, Carson Wentz does. However, a Julian Edelman trick play touchdown pass sinks Eagles. 

Let’s recap: Brady has six touchdowns and no interceptions. He also has three wins in his three trips to Philadelphia. It’s no wonder he loves playing here. 

It’s time to fix it.

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