Black-On-Black Success Is A Recipe For Dominance | Travis Hunter Signs NIL With Michael Strahan Brand


Future Jackson State University sensation Travis Hunter is already raking in the cash, and this time he’s teaming up with one of the greatest defenders in the history of football.

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Multiple sources have confirmed that Travis Hunter, a Jackson State University recruit and 2022 No. Travis Hunter, a top-ranked recruit, has signed an NIL agreement with Michael Strahan, a New York Giants Hall of Famer.

This deal is for Michael Strahan’s new lifestyle brand, and specifically for his new skin care line as of right now, though there are plans to expand his usage in the brand.

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In an Instagram post by Strahan’s brand, they welcome Hunter into the fold as their first brand athlete.

We are excited to announce @db3_tip as our new @michaelstrahanbrand ambassador! Travis Hunter’s confidence, vision for excellence, and winning mentality made him the perfect fit to represent our brand! Welcome, Travis!”via MichaelStrahanBrand Instagram

It’s exciting to see Hunter partner up with one the most talented and influential figures in football building and expanding a Black brand. These two football savants could also do big things across multiple generations of football fans.


Travis Hunter is a controversial figure for his decision to decommit from Florida State University and instead decide to go to Deion Sanders’ Jackson State University. Strahan, who tries to help Hunter cash-in on his college decision to be pro-Black, should get a lot attention.

Strahan recognizes that the young man is talented and understands the importance of his decision. When discussing the agreement between Hunter and Strahan he described the extraordinary transaction.

“Travis Hunter is a game-changer on and off the football field,”Strahan said so to the outlet. “This young man had the opportunity to select any school in the country but chose Jackson State University, an HBCU. His decision demonstrates his character, his vision and his confidence. He is also a great teammate.”Strahan stated. 

“These qualities resonate with me and my brand. I admire this young man and look forward to watching his continued growth.” per Yahoo Sports.

Along with Hunter’s continued growth, Strahan expects to see the same in his brand, as they have plans on expanding the brand with their merchandise and what they offer as well. Travis Hunter will be part of it.

Only the Best for Historic HBCU Recruit

The 19-year-oldWill “be the face of several Michael Strahan Brand efforts, including its continued expansion of tailored and sportswear clothing lines, and will appear in brand marketing efforts across print, digital and social media,” per Forbes.

Hunter and Strahan seemed like they had everything figured out. This partnership will be huge if Hunter can stay focused. Because of his controversial decision to play at Jackson State and his affiliation to Coach Prime and Jerry Rice Award-winning quarterback Shedeur Sands, he is already a polarizing figure within college football.

Travis Hunter Changes The Game 

Hunter is a leader. He is helping usher a new age of HBCU athletics. Hunter, along Mikey Williams, are leading the pack with the idea that Black colleges can bring talent to them to empower them and add more value to the institutions.

Strahan recognizes Hunter’s leadership skills, which is one reason he decided on a partnership. 

Hunter also acknowledges his leadership and what the message he’s trying to send to everyone that’s in his shoes. 

I’m very good with the leadership/role model role,”Hunter said that according to the outlet. “I like that role. I like to show people that I’m going to be on a straight line, I’m not going to mess up or do anything out of the ordinary to jeopardize anything. I’m happy to be the leader and to show people if I can do it, you can do it. It’s not that hard. You just have to work towards it. If you’re working towards something you really love, it’s not hard at all.”Yahoo Sports

Hunter is now a partner in multiple black-owned businesses thanks to the NIL deal. Deion Sanders’ Prize Recruit Travis Hunter Signs NIL Deal With Black-Owned Coffee Company

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An NIL deal was signed with J5, a black-owned cafe, earlier this year. 

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