Big Joe Henry’s Shares His Top 7 Steak Restaurants in New Jersey

If I had only to choose one meal, it would be a medium-rare, good steak. Side dishes are essential to complete the perfect meal.

There are many excellent restaurants in New Jersey that offer great steak. The problem is that you need to take out another mortgage on your house to enjoy the meal. While I am aware that the price is prohibitive, I enjoy the best steak dinners once in a while when I celebrate an event that is worth it.

Brighurst Meats, CAMDEN COUNTY

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I realize many might disagree with me, some may have other favorite places to go for steaks or maybe there is a place or two that I overlooked but that’s the beauty of sharing your favorites with others.
These are my top 7 New Jersey restaurants that offer great steaks and side dishes.

Roots Steakhouse is located in Summit

Roots Steakhouse, Summit (City of Summit).

Roots Steakhouse – Summit, New Jersey

Roots is a little bit old school. It reminds me of Peter Lugers, Brooklyn. I enjoyed sharing their 42-ounce porterhouse beef steak with a couple guys. The steak was perfectly cooked, and it was juicy and sizzling. It was a delicious steak. We also added some scallops, which were a nice touch. I love their creamed spinach as well as the potatoes au gratin. My friend ordered the onion rings, which were delicious. As I mentioned, fine dining at these restaurants is expensive. The 42-ounce steak cost over $110 and the wine cocktails, sides and desserts made this dinner very expensive, but well worth it.

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via- google streetview

The Butcher Block – Long Branch (New Jersey)

I’ve been to the Butcher Block a few times. They have renovated the restaurant to accommodate the large crowds that used to cram into the old layout. They recently received a liquor licence which will be a welcome addition at the Monmouth County Steakhouse.

I’ll be honest with you, the old layout was way too crowded, and people were on top of each other but the steaks were worth the discomfort. They have a butcher shop where you walk in point out the cut of meat that you want and they’ll cook it to your liking. They can deliver steaks directly from the farm to their butchershop. They offer a delivery service where you can have steaks or other cuts of meat delivered to your home or to your cousin in Minneapolis. Although the sides were a bit different from traditional fare, they were still delicious.

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via- Google street view

Piccola Italia – Ocean Township, New Jersey

Piccola Italia is a popular destination. It’s nestled in the back of a strip mall in Ocean Township. You will find it, trust me. They get their steaks from Allen Brother’s meats in Chicago. Allen Brothers is one of the most renowned steak houses in America. I have ordered steaks from them directly for my own home. It is a great steak when the chef prepares the bone-in, porterhouse, or tomahawk steak. You can either choose from the traditional side items that come with your meal, or you can go slightly different and pair it with one their homemade pasta dishes. They have an incredible wine selection and this is still one of my favourite restaurants. I don’t say that often but I am being quite transparent.

New York Steak


Morton’s – Atlantic City, New Jersey

Arnie Morton, a Chicago restaurateur, founded this iconic steakhouse chain. I had the chance to talk with Arnie a couple of times when he was at the original Morton’s back in the 80s, he was such an interesting man and I enjoyed our conversation. The original Morton’s was in the bottom of an office building with limited room. They didn’t take reservations and the line to get a table was always long. I worked in Chicago and at that time there was only the original Morton’s.

Arnie Morton would expand to seven Morton’s restaurants which he sold in 1987 for $13 million. I went often to enjoy a great steak, incredible sides and their famous soufflé’ to top off a wonderful meal. I’m thrilled that they franchised the restaurant which has restaurants in most major cities throughout the US and worldwide. We are fortunate to have a Morton’s right here in Jersey in Atlantic City. Although there are some minor changes, the main elements of a great steak meal are still the same. The huge porterhouse is cooked perfectly, as well as a wine list and desserts. I’ve been down to their Atlantic City restaurant a few times and have enjoyed all that it has to offer. Morton’s is located in Casers.

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via- Google street view

The Library 2 Voorhees (New Jersey)

Although this post is about my favorite places in New Jersey to get steaks, I must include Library 2 Voorhees. While their steaks are great, their prime rib is my favorite. It is a popular choice on their menu. It’s cooked to my liking, and not dried out. They sell so much prime rib that they have to make it available for you.‘re going to get a great cut. . The Library 2 is an award-winning restaurant that has a great salad bar and I’Salad bars are not my favorite. The sides are good, but the prime Rib is worth the drive from anywhere in the state.

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via- google streetview

Fleming’s Steakhouse – Marlton, New Jersey

I like Fleming’s for the classic steakhouse look and feel. The variety of cuts they offer is amazing and their steaks are excellent. I’m a big fan of their bone-in rib eye served the way I like it. I like to start with their seafood tower; it’s fresh and a great way to start a wonderful meal. They have great sides including their Fleming’s potatoes which are an au gratin recipe that is cheesy and good. You’ll enjoy the experience, I have.

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via- Google street view

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – Somerville

I was very pleased when they opened Wolfgang’s in Somerville. I had been to the original Wolfgang’s in midtown Manhattan and enjoyed the experience. Wolfgang has a great story, after many years as a head waiter at the iconic steakhouse Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn, Wolfgang tweaked what he wanted to improve and he nailed
it. The steaks are outstanding, the sides are spot-on including Wolfgang’s German potatoes and they are very good. If you can make it to Wolfgang’s it’s a trip well worth it.

Grill beef steak with flames

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These are my top seven favourite steakhouses in New Jersey. These are the restaurants I frequent for special occasions. They are expensive, every one of them but if you’ve saved for a special occasion to share with that special someone, I highly recommend any one of these destinations. I want it to be very clear that I have not been compensated for the recommendations. They are based on my personal experience and opinions. Go out and enjoy a good steak and if you’re fortunate to try any of the above drop me a line about your experience.

The above post reflects the views and observations of Big Joe Henry, New Jersey 101.5 Weekend host. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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