Best Rob Reiner Movies Ranked, From Stand by Me to When Harry Met Sally

It was announced this week that a sequel to the definitive mockumentary classic would be released This is Spinal Tap The original cast was still in development. It’s not the first time that a recurring character has been in development. “legacy sequel”A comedy classic has brought together the original stars. Films like Coming 2 America The most recent Vacation They tried to cash in on the nostalgic feelings. What was notable about the announcement wasn’t the sequel itself, but the man who would be stepping behind the camera. Original This Is Spinal Tap director Rob Reiner He is expected to make a sequel to his classic. It was a surprising announcement considering where Reiner’s career has been headed recently. In the past few decades, Reiner’s films have pretty much flown under the radar. Do you remember Reiner’s films? LBJ: Shock and Awe Or The Magic of Belle Isle?


It’s easy for people to forget Reiner was once the director in his generation. Few filmmakers have the chance to create a film that is synonymous for a particular genre. Reiner did that multiple times. It’s pretty astounding to consider how wildly diverse and completely successful his run of hits in the 1980s and 1990s were, with the exception of North. Reiner is one our greatest directors. He could make a dozen other forgettable movies and still be included in the film history canon. Each of Reiner’s classics could easily be named as his definitive effort, so ranking them was no easy task. Here are the top seven Rob Reiner movies, ranked in order of greatest to least.

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7. The American President (1995).

Even if you’re sick of Aaron Sorkin’s political optimism and simplistic opinions on the nature of democracy, The American President It is much easier to forgive, because it is so damn charming. Who would have thought the President of America to be a romantic lead if he were not? Reiner is good enough with the political background to ground the story in reality, but he really enjoys the heartbreaking romance at the center. President Andrew Shepard (Michael Douglas(Bereavement over the loss of his wife) falls for Sydney Ellen Wade (Annette Bening). Of course, he’s also in the middle of an election and tries to elude scheming Republican rivals and pass a critical crime bill, in true The West Wing fashion. It is precisely because Reiner makes the relationship seem so normal and cutesy that the film is so great.

6. Misery (1990).


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Misery It certainly impressed audiences when it was first released. Kathy Bates’ terrifying turn as Annie Wilkes is the rare performance in a horror film to win an Oscar (and the only character in a Stephen King adaptation). Misery’s subject matter is now more relevant than ever. A story about an obsessive lover who believes they are the best. “know”Their favorite creator is so relevant to the current discourse in fandom, it is disturbing to see. Reiner predicted the rise and fall of toxic fandom. Reiner also explored what happens to artists when they are taken too seriously. It’s also one of the best films about writing itself; Reiner spends time focusing on how Paul Sheldon (James Caan(Starts his creative process.

5. When Harry Met Sally… (1989).

Harry Burns and Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally

Yes, it is possible to look back. When Harry Met Sally… It is now considered problematic. There are certain elements of Billy Crystal’s character that wouldn’t fly today, and a lot of the jokes are a little cringe inducing now. However, When Harry Met Sally… is just as charming as it was in 1989 because of Reiner’s intentionality. He did not act in bad faith and tries his best to make Harry (Crystal), as well as Sally (Crystal) happy.Meg Ryan) relatable and flawed. He was also aware of the female perspective and co-wrote the film with Nora EphronReiner incorporated notes of co-star Carrie Fisher.

4. This Is Spinal Tap (1984).

This is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap will be the definitive mockumentary. Mockumentaries often rely heavily on cameos in order to feel real. However, This Is Spinal Tap is so true to what the rock scene looked and felt like in the mid-1980s that musicians love it. Sting And Eddie Van Halen admitted that they can’t even watch the filmIt is so emotionally charged. This is Spinal Tap. “warts and all”This is the story of a band who has a great life, but then loses it all. It’s solidified itself within pop culture history beyond iconic phrases like “dial it up to 11.” The cast has returned to reprise their roles and give performances of the film’s original soundtrack.

3. A Few Good Men (1992).


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A Few Good Men Reiner found the perfect way for Sorkin to bring the intimate feel of the stage to life on the big screen. Since then Sidney Lumet’s classic 12 Angry MenHollywood has struggled to bring famous plays to life. How do you get something to move at the speed of a film when it was intended for an isolated setting? A Few Good Men is a thriller with the explosive energy of a thriller. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) and Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) are in a race of time to prove that the “Code Red”Ordered by Colonel Nathan R. JessupJack Nicholson) resulted in the inadvertent death of a Marine-in-training. The courtroom scenes are captivating; Cruise blends confidence and heroism and Nicholson has seldom been as magnificent hammy. If you don’t recognize the brilliance of what Reiner does with A Few Good Men, then “you can’t handle the truth!”

2. The Princess Bride (1987).

Princess Buttercup and Westley in The Princess Bride

“As you wish.”Reiner has mastery over many genres. The Princess BrideIt is a masterwork that combines multiple genres. It is a masterwork of multiple genres. Is it a romantic-comedy, an epic, a great fantasy movie, or an adventure movie? The Princess Bride can be described as a perfect example in literary criticism. It gives insight into the reality of fairy tales from a young boy. The Princess Bride has some of the most memorable characters in film history, regardless of how you define it. Wesley, the brave swordsmanCary Elwes), the not-quite-a-damsel-in-distress Buttercup (Robin Wright), the rogue mercenary Inigio Montoyo (Mandy Patinkin), and the lovable oaf Fezzick (Andre the Giant) are heroism personified.

1. Stand by Me (1986).

Stand By Me

Stand by me It is a powerful summary of what it means for a person to grow up. It’s one of the rare films that captures the beautiful simplicity of a short story; Reiner shows what fleeting memories look like for children who are reflecting on the defining experiences of their youth. Reiner was able t Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman and River Phoenix And Jerry O’Connell The interaction is real and makes the last moments so heartbreaking. Reiner made many memorable moments, but none of his endings are quite the same.

Spinal Tap

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