Best Marijuana Dispensaries in San Diego: Where to Buy Legal Weed

It’s spring in San Diego, so 4/20 can’t be far behind! After two years of quarantining, masking, distancing, and vaccinating, it’s safe to say that stoners across the county are looking forward to enjoying a lit holiday.

San Diego’s dispensaries are open for in-store shopping now, and most are still offering in-store and curbside pickup, as well as free delivery with a minimum pretax purchase. Keep in mind that no matter how you plan to receive your goods, you’ll be required to present your valid, original, 21+, state-issued ID, drivers license, or passport in order to enter any dispensary. If they have valid, government-issued IDs from their state, visitors from other states can also purchase.

Whether you like to wake and bake, are a weekend weed enthusiast, or simply cannabis curious, San Diego has a wide variety of dispensary options, so there’s something for everyone out there. These are the top San Diego dispensaries that can satisfy your every weed need on 4/20 and beyond. And if you’re taking a road trip, don’t miss our guides for LA and Vegas.

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