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Bert and Ernie at the SURC. Edits by Morgana Carl, photo by Beau Sansonm

Streamers adorned the SURC banner with the words “Happy Anniversary Bert and Ernie!” scribbled on it was hung from the ceiling to celebrate CWU alumni Bert and husband Ernie’s 50 years of marriage together.

Bert graduated in 1965 with a degree of bird watching and would eventually meet Ernie next door at his Sesame St apartment. He had just moved from Ellensburg. Four years later, Bert proposed to Ernie at the Stonewall Riots. 

The event was put together with the help of the alumni board and Bert’s old friend Jim Wohlpart. They tried their best to keep it a surprise, but according to Wohlpart, it’s hard to get a couple on a plane right before their anniversary date without raising a few eyebrows. 

“Bert’s always been a nervous flier,”Wohlpart said. “He was asking a hundred questions as we boarded the plane.”

The party attracted more than 500,000 people, almost enough to fill the SURC’s capacity. 

As Big Bird and Wellington danced into the night, all eyes were on the dance floor. 

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“I never expected such a cool cat to be willing to boogie with me,”Big Bird spoke. 

Many complained about the loud party that continued well into the night. Police officers arrived to break up the party but instead of joining in, they joined the fray, jumping onto the dancefloor with Slimey. 

The happy couple could be seen laughing and enjoying the whole night.

“I can’t believe that this many people came out to celebrate with us,”Bert said. “To have so many good friends, it’s even better than oatmeal.”

Ernie managed to drag Bert onto the dancefloor about halfway through the party for a slow dance. “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”Elvis Presley.

“He has two left feet and no sense of rhythm,” Ernie said. “But there’s no one I’d rather dance with.”

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