Bennett’s, the GOAT of Sandwich Shops, is Opening in Salem, NH

Bennett’s Sandwiches, while it may seem like a hot take, or a clear front runner. I believe Bennett’s Sandwiches to be arguably the most popular sandwich shop on the Seacoast (or New England).

This pastrami sandwich is amazing.

Regardless of where you put Bennett’s in your power rankings, there is good news headed to Salem, New Hampshire’s sandwich lovers.

Bennett’s Sandwich shop will be coming to your area.

Bennett’s started with a seasonal shop in Kennebunk,  Maine. They later expanded to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and then to Boston, Massachusetts.

Bennett’s is expanding and has their foot on it. Bennett’s has opened a fourth store in Burlington, Massachusetts, just a few weeks back.

I was eager to find out more information about the new location. I love these subs so I went to the website. “coming soon”image with Salem, New Hampshire identified as the location

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I stopped by to grab my usual lunch, a large buffalo chicken cheesesteak on their soft bread, and decided that I would get the scoop. Maggie and Brendan, the Burlington owners, were busy getting their doors opened.

Cassie Guy, the lead manager, was on-site and was able to tell me that they expect to open the Tuscan Village in Salem within two months.

“We are just trying to expand in New England,”Guy agreed. Guy continued by mentioning that new items will only be available at the Salem location, such as smoothies.

Bennett’s breakfast sandwiches, which are available all day, will remain on the menu.

Bennett’s is the only place I can trust to put an extra egg in my breakfast sandwich. The signature bread roll has three eggs in a small and four eggs in a large. That is before the meat…and they load it  up with meat.

This place offers a complete meal with every sandwich, from their breakfast sandwiches to their cheesesteaks to their lobster rolls.

How lobster rolls should look. Bravo Bennett’s! This is why I love you.

Congratulation to all those living in Salem, New Hampshire. You are about to be served a delicious sandwich joint. Bennett’s is a top-notch sandwich joint, from their staff to the bread between (and oh, the bread too),

I am lucky to have a moped that can take me to my Portsmouth location. You can bet that I will make it to Salem in two months for a chicken cheesesteak sandwich and a smoothie.

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