Behind The Success of California Christmas Star Lauren Swickard

Lauren Swickard has been working in the television and film industry for over a decade. She excelled in the skills and chose to pursue a career. 

Here are all details about Lauren Swickard’s career and life.

Lauren Swickard’s popularity has grown since she starred in several hit Netflix movies.

The actress – who was previously known by Lorynn York – is a familiar face because of her work on Dear White People, Sociopath, and Roommates.

Lauren Swickard Rises To Fame

Lauren Swickard, a Cincinnati native, started acting in 2011 in several minor roles.

She accepted the role Scarlett Cambridge on Social Path, which aired between 2012 and 2014.

Lauren used the names Lorynn York and Lauren York in her profession, but now goes by Lauren Swickard.

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Her husband Josh Swickard disclosed the reason behind her name changes on the That’s Awesome podcast as he said there was another star named Lauren York, and the pair were getting mixed up when booking jobs.

Lauren decided to use Lorynn as her professional name, but she has since changed her name now that she is married.

The actress has appeared in many T.V. Films such as Deadly Sugar Daddy (Airplane Mode), Blackbear, Flash out, and Flash out have featured the actress.

However, she’s earned a whole host of new fans thanks to the Netflix films Roped and A California Christmas.

She was a young actress, producer, dancer, writer, and producer. She has performed on the professional stage as a dancer with the Cincinnati Ballet Company. 

Lauren Swickard has produced many famous T.V. shows 

  • Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural (2012) as A.J.’s sister 
  • Deadly Sins (2012) by Amy Preasmyer 
  • Eastbound & Down (2012) as Andrea’s friend 
  • Social Path (2012-2014) as Scarlett Cambridge 
  • The Neighbors (2013) as Kara 
  • Roommates (2016) as Lorynn 
  • Sweet the Show (2017) Samantha 
  • Dear White People (2017) as Danielle 
  • Eva (2018) as Posse 
  • The Pact (2018) – Rachel 
  • Lauren Swickard Videos and Movies  

  • Lilly’s Curse (2011) as Heather 
  • Shelter (2012) as a bridesmaid 
  • One Bad Day (2013) – Tulip Southern
  • Comfort (2014) as Betty Lane
  • Babysitter’s Black Book (2015) as Janet 
  • The Perfect Daughter (2016) by Kalie 
  • Alibi (2016) as Julia Turbulence (2016) and Lacey 
  • 2 Lava 2 Lantula! (2016) by Daniella 
  • Webcam Girls (2017) by Carolyn
  • Kristen – oom for Murder (2018) 
  • Ariel Mode for Airplanes (2019) 
  • Flashout (2019) as Desa 
  • Blackbear (2019), as Summer 
  • Calie’s California Christmas (2020). 
  • Sugar Baby Murder (2020), Bridget 
  • Roped (2020), Tracy Peterson 
  • A California Christmas: The City Lights (2021), by Callie 
  • She also holds three writing awards. She wrote A California Christmas in 2020, A California Christmas. City Lights in 2021 and five episodes for Casa Grande. 

    She is also the producer and director of A Brother Story, which will be released in 2022. 

    Lauren Swickard Wed Josh Swickard

    Lauren is married to Josh Swickard, her California Christmas co-star.

    The pair met on the 2017 set of Roped, their first film together. Since then, they have been inseparable.

    Josh proposed during a Colorado family vacation in 2018.

    ‘Her family has a tradition of playing charades, so I proposed during a game. After I had acted it out, I said: “Well…this was not a charade,” ‘Josh revealed Soaps In Depth. 

    Lauren and Josh were married in July 2019. Their ceremony was Old Hollywood-themed.

    Our first dance was very much like the famous dance in White Christmas.‘ Lauren told Over The Moon.

    The couple share photos of their marriage and work with their fans on Instagram.

    Lauren Swickard pregnancy 

    Lauren and Josh with Savannah were 33 weeks pregnant when they first announced their pregnancy to their fans. 

    They posted their news in April 2021 that their daughter was safely delivered on Easter, a few months later.

    Fans wonder if the couple would do the same with a second child.

    Lauren and Josh Swickard Enjoy Parenthood

    Lauren and Josh love being parents, which is why many of their fans believe that there may be another baby in the future. 

    In a super heartfelt Instagram caption, Lauren applauded Josh’s comfort level as a new dad, saying, “What a privilege it is to witness such a wonderful man step into his role of father for the very first time. He is so good at it. Parenting with you is my favorite. My love for you deepens every day. Thank you for taking such good care of us.”

    Lauren uploaded a throwback bikini photo in July that made people wonder if she is pregnant again. 

    She added a caption that read, “Cheers to one day getting this body back post-baby.”

    But that was only a few months after Savannah was born, and she’s still less than a year old, so it seems unlikely that Lauren is already pregnant again. Both spouses want their firstborn to be cherished. 

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