Ask A ‘Budtender’: Maplewood Dispensary Answers 5 Legal Weed Questions

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Are you ready to buy legal cannabis from “an experienced budtender”New Jersey

TerrAscend is the company that owns two dispensaries that are allowed to sell cannabis for recreational use beginning April 21. It answered five questions about legal weed buying in the Garden State. “budtender.”

Here are the answers to five questions that Patch and other media asked:

Q: What is the experience like for customers who come in to purchase cannabis?

The adult-use customer experience will be the same as other shopping experiences. Customers will need to wait in line. After they present their legal ID, a budtender will assist them with the purchase process. If necessary, he will offer advice and insight. The budtender will assist them with the payment process and get them out the door. TerrAscend takes great pride in providing excellent customer service at all Apothecarium retail stores.

Q: TerrAscend NJ LLC announced last summer that they had signed a licensing agreement for international cannabis brand Cookies. Is this a product that recreational users can expect to find?

Cookies are not currently available for purchase. However, keep an eye on this space for more information.

Q: Do you have any preparations for the transition that you can discuss with me?

We are excited to open… and have exciting plans for the first customers. Make sure you get there early!

Q: Do you anticipate adding staff?

To provide additional support during busy opening periods, we will be adding staff to our retail locations.

Q: Do you have any concerns about meeting the demands of both recreational and medical consumers?

We don’t anticipate any problems in meeting consumer and patient demand. We have robust systems in place to ensure that we have enough inventory for our patients, while also welcoming new customers to our stores. We have a well-managed and monitored inventory system that ensures that all Apothecarium retail locations are stocked with the same products.

More on Recreational Cannabis in New Jersey

Thursday’s announcement means that recreational cannabis customers can now purchase up to one ounce of dried flower, up to five grams of concentrates resins or oils, as well as 10 100mg packages of ingestible goods in one transaction.

13 medical dispensaries can now be sold for recreational use. However, there will be more in the future. In Hoboken alone there are four dispensaries, two of which are medical, that are open for business.

“Remember that the laws against impaired driving apply to being high,”Jeff Brown, the director of New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission cautioned this week. “Our guests from neighboring states should remember it is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines.”

Here’s a list of 13 New Jersey dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana.

Consumers are advised to check the websites approved retailers for details on operating hours.

Follow all instructions. Ingestion products may take longer than smoking or vaping to take effect. If you have concerns about what you might have eaten or used, call NJ Poison Center at 800222-1222.

Legal cannabis products come in child-safe packaging. However, they should be kept out of reach of children under 21 years of age.

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