Archive video shows state rep. wearing possible QAnon pin

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Video of a 2021 Michigan House committee hearing shows state Rep. Daire Rendon wearing the same “Q”Pin she wore at protest against presidential election results this week

Rendon wore a bright yellow jacket and the same pin that she wore at the House Committee on Families, Children and Seniors meeting on Sept. 21. Tuesday rally outside the state CapitolLansing

The Detroit NewsFirst to report that Rendon (R-Lake City) was wearing an American flag pin with gold “Q”It has become a symbol to QAnon (a right-wing web that promotes conspiracy theories online)

The Detroit News reporter questioned her about it and she seemed to deny that they were connected. However, her reference to Q is the exact same as QAnon’s.

“That is a flag with a ‘Q’ on it,”Rendon spoke to the Detroit News. “The ‘Q’ is the highest level of security in the federal government. That’s what it is.”

QAnon began on a chat site called 4chan. A poster who went under the name “Q”Claim to be a high-ranking official in government who used cryptic language. He launched several conspiracy theories, including one about a “deep state”The country is run by government officials, not lawmakers, from agencies like the CIA, FBI, and CIA. Another theory is that the leaders of the Democratic party may be Satanists and pedophiles who want to destroy the country.

The far right branch has been a hub for QAnon conspiracies. Many influential people have been connected to the movement, or have shared material from QAnon supporters. Marjorie Taylor Greene, an American Republican from Georgia, has publicly supported the movement.

While Rendon hasn’t gone that far, some of her actions could be tied to the movement. She was one of two Republican state representatives who were initially named as plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit that failed. This would have required that state legislatures, and not bipartisan canvasser board, certify the results for presidential elections.

At Tuesday’s rally, she made several claims about election fraud and claimed Michigan’s voting machines were “accessible”To be hacked.

President Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump in Michigan by 154,000 votes – a 3% margin. The legitimacy of the outcome was confirmed by numerous audits and several court rulings. It was also confirmed by the State Senate Oversight Committee, which is headed by Republican lawmakers.

News 8 reached Rendon for comment on Wednesday. She has not responded.


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